The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 972 - A Malicious Curse (1)

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Chapter 972: A Malicious Curse (1)

“He… he…” Meng Fusheng pointed in astonishment at that kid who looked just like Chi Tong. He had previously thought Ji Fengyan must have been mistaken. He never expected… this little fellow really looked like Chi Tong. Even Meng Fusheng suspected him to be the son of Chi Tong.

Little Chi Tong was shocked on seeing Duanmu Hongru with Ji Fengyan in tow. But he quickly realized what must have happened.

“I apologize for letting you see me in this state.” Little Chi Tong chuckled at Ji Fengyan.

This dignified tone belonged to Chi Tong!

Meng Fusheng was even more perturbed.

Ji Fengyan had already been mentally prepared for this. She looked at Chi Tong. “I reckon there is something we need to discuss.”

Little Chi Tong thought Ji Fengyan wanted to discuss the Forest of Freedom and interrupted her. “About the Forest of Freedom? Duanmu and I have already agreed to hand over the Forest of Freedom to you. We will not enter the forest in the future.”

Little Chi Tong’s tone was calm. If it had been yesterday, Ji Fengyan would not have thought much of it. But now that she knew of his curse, the fact that he was prepared to give up the search for the rhinoceros beast made her look at him in a new light. He was obviously unwilling to continue being a burden to Duanmu Hongru and the gang.

This made Ji Fengyan even more determined to help Chi Tong lift his curse.

“I have come today not for the Forest of Freedom, but for you.”

“Me?” Little Chi Tong was slightly taken aback.

“Can you let me look at your condition?” Ji Fengyan asked as a matter-of-fact.

Little Chi Tong scanned Ji Fengyan’s face with a complex expression. He then looked at Duanmu Hongru, who instantly straightened up. “It was not me. I said nothing.”

Little Chi Tong’s expression became even more complex. Nevertheless, he remained silent and just nodded at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan placed her hand on little Chi Tong’s wrist and sent her own vital energy into his meridians to check his physical condition.

She detected something very peculiar.

Little Chi Tong’s meridians were extremely abnormal. Frail as a child’s but harboring a strange energy. This energy was like a black fog, enveloping every single meridian in his body and amassing at a spot right beside his heart.

Was this the curse?

Ji Fengyan was rather astounded. This weird energy felt somewhat familiar to her, it was a parasitic poison she had seen before in her former life.

This parasitic poison was something Ji Fengyan and her master had come across in a special tribe during one of their travels in her former life. This substance had both its good and bad uses. Concocted out of herbs and poisonous insects, some parasitic poisons could sustain a human life or resurrect a dead one. But some would grow in a malignant manner inside a person’s body, bringing its host immense pain.

Ji Fengyan’s master had previously met a person with a parasitic poison inside him. The body of that man was festering all over like a rotting corpse. But the strangest thing was his breathing was extremely stable and his mind was clear. Apart from the festers on his body, he was no different from a normal human.

Once a parasite enters the body, it remains there forever unless it decides to leave on its own. The host would most likely die if the parasite was forcibly removed. Even the person trying to remove the parasite would suffer a heavy backlash.