The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 971 - A Hidden Secret (3)

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Chapter 971: A Hidden Secret (3)

“Curse? What the hell was that?” Ji Fengyan was mired in questions. From Duanmu Hongru and Chi Tong’s conversation, she could vaguely make out the reason behind Yan Luo Dian’s stubbornness regarding the Forest of Freedom.

Chi Tong appeared to be suffering from the effects of some curse which he contracted during the earlier war. And this curse had plagued Chi Tong for many years. It was also likely that this curse had something to do with him reverting back to a child. Duanmu Hongru and the gang must have known this, which was why they had placed such major importance on the rhinoceros beast. It was obvious that the rhinoceros beast could lift this curse.

The rhinoceros beast was a pet to the gods and belonged to the light. It was the bane to all curses. For a normal curse, just a drop of the rhinoceros beast’s blood would be enough to dispel it. But… it was probably not such a simple matter for Chi Tong’s vicious curse, which was why they needed to capture the whole beast.

Ji Fengyan sank into deep thought. Now that she knew the reason behind Yan Luo Dian’s need to capture the rhinoceros beast… it now depended on whether she had the ability to resolve this problem.

Reasonably speaking, Ji Fengyan would avoid war with Yan Luo Dian if possible. Not that she feared battle, but she really didn’t wish to declare war against Yan Luo Dian. She was fond of the city, perhaps because of her familiarity with staying in army barracks. Chi Tong’s army camp-like Yan Luo Dian reminded her of the Wolf Smoke Regiment in the Moonset Valley.

“I wonder if that bunch of wolf pups suffered any backlash.” Ji Fengyan scratched her head in frustration. When she had left the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon, she had created a tremendous commotion and executed Ji Qiu right in front of the pursuing troops, so as to ensure no backlash would fall upon the Ji family. She was sure that the Ji family could escape blame. But what about her gang of wolf pups whom she had personally groomed?

Ji Fengyan really did not understand, and this made her even more unwilling to engage in a fight with Yan Luo Dian.

After mulling over this, Ji Fengyan finally had an idea. As long as Chi Tong’s curse was lifted, Yan Luo Dian would no longer insist on entering the Forest of Freedom.

At that, Ji Fengyan didn’t hesitate any longer. Early next morning, she sought out Duanmu Hongru to tell him she needed to discuss something with Chi Tong.

Duanmu Hongru didn’t know what Ji Fengyan could want with Chi Tong now, but thinking of his current “appearance”, he could only make up all sorts of excuses. In the end, Ji Fengyan blurted out.

“I know that little fellow from yesterday was Chi Tong.”

Duanmu Hongru widened his eyes. But before he could say a word, Ji Fengyan continued. “I wish to discuss lifting the curse that is upon him. If you really wish to save him, let me have a go.”

This time, Duanmu Hongru could no longer keep his cool. He stared anxiously at Ji Fengyan, his eyes full of shock and doubt. He had no time to ponder over how Ji Fengyan came to know of all this—but the moment he heard that she might have a way to save Chi Tong, and knowing of her great powers, Duanmu Hongru didn’t hesitate in bringing Ji Fengyan before Chi Tong.

Meanwhile, Meng Fusheng, who had been following Ji Fengyan all this while, was totally nonplussed.

That little punk was Chi Tong?


What kind of situation was this?

When Meng Fusheng followed Ji Fengyan to Chi Tong’s room and saw the little kid sitting on that chair—his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets!