The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 969 - A Hidden Secret (1)

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Chapter 969: A Hidden Secret (1)

If they could successfully bring back the rhinoceros beast, then Boss Chi… there was no need for him to suffer in this way?

“Boss Chi… just let us… try again…” Duanmu Hongru pleaded as he looked at Chi Tong with red-rimmed eyes.

Chi Tong would not have suffered this fate if he had not protected them?

They were rescued by Chi Tong in exchange for his own life, but now… they could only watch helplessly as the curse tormented Chi Tong.

Everyone thought that Chi Tong had ended up in the Free Valley only because he had been defeated in that war and was tired of battle.

No one knew that the truth could not be further than that.

“Boss Chi, at that time… if we had not discovered those things at the Kingdom of Xi, the Sa Er Emperor would not have tried to kill us. If not for you, we would have all perished in the Kingdom of Xi. With your skills, those men were no match for you—it was only because of us, being such burdens on you, that this ruthless curse struck to you!” Duanmu Hongru trembled all over in rage and pain. The guilt he had been carrying around all these years weighed heavily upon his heart.

Chi Tong was their general and the pride of their group. But now, they had subjected him to a lifetime burden.

They were tormented day and night by the guilt and pain. They had thought that they could resolve everything by finding that rhinoceros beast. But the heavens had cruelly snatched away their last strand of hope.

Little Chi Tong gave a soft sigh. He was well aware of the efforts put in by Duanmu Hongru and the gang all these years. But no one knew better than him that for such a vicious curse, how could it be so easily lifted?

Nevertheless, Chi Tong had never regretted what happened that year.

“I have said this many times. Even without you all, the Sa Er Emperor would never have let me off. The Kingdom of Xi was just a trap. If we are talking about burdens, then I am the one who actually dragged you all down.” Chi Tong slowly closed his eyes, as if he was reliving those scenes from that time so many years ago.

The Chi Tong of that time was the number one prodigy of the Kingdom of Sa Er. In the entire world, few other people of his age stood shoulder to shoulder with him at the top. Chi Tong had been arrogant. He led massive armies to countless victories and had never tasted failure before.

And the Kingdom of Xi was a small nation beside Sa Er. Fearing the power of the larger kingdom, they made annual tributes, and even offered their most revered princess—hoping to come under the protection of Sa Er.

However, things were not that simple. The moment the Xi princess plotted for the murder of the Sa Er Emperor, she had determined the fate of the Kingdom of Xi.

With revenge as the reason, the Kingdom of Sa Er declared war against Xi and attacked the nation.

And Chi Tong was the general who led the army to that battle.

Chi Tong’s name already invoked fear in all his enemies. How could that tiny nation Xi hope to defend against the Kingdom of Sa Er’s cavalry forces?

Leading his enormous army, Chi Tong destroyed the entire Kingdom of Xi in the same manner to which he applied to all his previous battles. Total annihilation.

But during the second day of the war, things went haywire.

Duanmu Hongru was serving in Chi Tong’s army then and was conducting reconnaissance on the capital of the Kingdom of Xi. By chance, he discovered a secret room inside the Xi palace… what he discovered there sent everyone deep into the abyss.