The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 967 - Forget It (2)

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Chapter 967: Forget It (2)

If possible, Ji Fengyan did not wish to declare war on Yan Luo Dian as she had a rather good impression of it. However, she could not permit Yan Luo Dian to hurt the Rhinoceros Beast.

Ji Fengyan’s unyielding stance caused Duanmu Hongru’s expression to grow uglier. He tried to persuade Ji Fengyan, but at that moment, the child in Duanmu Hongru’s arms secretly tugged at Duanmu Hongru’s robes. Duanmu Hongru involuntarily looked down and saw the child secretly shake his head.

Duanmu Hongru gritted his teeth, but had no choice but to swallow his words.

“City… City Lord Ji, please rest early.” Duanmu Hongru’s voice was somewhat dry. He smiled wryly at Ji Fengyan after he had spoken, then turned and carried the child away.

Ji Fengyan watched as the bleak figure of Duanmu Hongru receded. Her thoughts suddenly started to flow. As she ran over Duanmu Hongru’s words in her mind, she subconsciously reached her room door.

Meng Fusheng’s room was next to Ji Fengyan. Perhaps he heard her footsteps, but Meng Fusheng suddenly opened his room door and poked his head out.

“Queen, aren’t you asleep yet?”

Ji Fengyan glanced at Meng Fusheng and nodded slightly.

“Did you encounter some problem? Why do you look troubled?” Meng Fusheng looked at Ji Fengyan questioningly. Ever since he had started following Ji Fengyan, Meng Fusheng had seldom seen Ji Fengyan looking so “serious”. She was usually all smiles.

Ji Fengyan recounted her encounter. She had not thought that there was anything strange about it, but she did not know what to do about Yan Luo Dian’s insistence on having the Rhinoceros Beast.


“Chi Tong’s child? That’s impossible.” The moment Meng Fusheng heard Ji Fengyan say she had encountered Chi Tong’s “son”, his expression changed to one of disbelieve.

“Were you mistaken? Yan Luo Dian is the only place in the Free Valley that has no women.” Meng Fusheng could not help but remind her.

Women seldom stepped into the Free Valley. The number of women within the entire valley could be counted on one hand, and a few of them were the “adopted daughters” that Gong Qiang had brought into the Free Valley. For example, four or five women had previously appeared in Fu Guang City, but only two of them were adolescent girls. Also, because most of the people in Free Valley were men, and all of them were vicious, the women who fled to the valley did not stay long. They basically stayed for a few days, then fled again.

One should understand that…

To a group of evildoers who had not seen women for a long time, even a female pig would look beautiful. What woman would dare to remain in such a dangerous place for long?

Further, Yan Luo Dian was famous for its masculinity. Perhaps it was because of Chi Tong’s background, but he had created Yan Luo Dian in a way that resembled an army. Naturally, he had no interest in allowing any woman into Yan Luo Dian.

“No woman has entered Yan Luo Dian in recent years. Chi Tong can’t possibly have given birth to a child himself, right? You were probably mistaken. Or perhaps someone else who fled to the Free Valley brought the child along.” Meng Fusheng shrugged. Besides the fact that there were no women in Yan Luo Dian, even if there were, based on Chi Tong’s personality, he would probably not marry and have children. Further, there had been no news of that sort from Yan Luo Dian for many years.

Based on Chi Tong’s position in the Free Valley, if he really had his own woman and child, there would be no need to hide it.