The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 966 - Forget It (1)

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Chapter 966: Forget It (1)

“It is because of the Rhinoceros Beast?” Ji Fengyan asked suddenly.

Duanmu Hongru’s expression changed to one of complete shock. He stared at Ji Fengyan in disbelief. Clearly, he had not expected Ji Fengyan to bring up the Rhinoceros Beast.

Ji Fengyan continued. “You don’t want the ores or the herbs in the Forest of Freedom. In that case, you must insist on the living creatures within it. Previously, you and Zhai Xing Lou started a war because of the Rhinoceros Beast. Now it is also because of the Rhinoceros Beast that you are unwilling to abandon your rights to the Forest of Freedom.”

Ji Fengyan was not asking a question, but was sure of herself.

Duanmu Hongru opened his mouth, as if he wanted to conceal something. But when he met Ji Fengyan’s eyes, he understood that Ji Fengyan already knew the answer in her heart. No matter how he tried to conceal it, it would be futile.

Duanmu Hongru had no choice but to lower his head. He sighed softly and said, “You are right, we need the Rhinoceros Beast.”

Just as she had expected!

Ji Fengyan felt helpless. If Yan Luo Dian had some other goal, then Ji Fengyan might still negotiate with them. But… They wanted the Rhinoceros Beast. They had even fought Zhai Xing Lou over the Rhinoceros Beast, which clearly showed how important the Rhinoceros Beast was to them.

Duanmu Hongru did not wait for Ji Fengyan to respond, but continued. “At first, we did not know that the Rhinoceros Beast existed in the Forest of Freedom. We only entered to obtain some resources, but one of our men discovered a trace of the Rhinoceros Beast by chance. We prepared for more than half a month before we finally found a chance to wound the Rhinoceros Beast.”

“We thought we could smoothly bring the Rhinoceros Beast back to Yan Luo Dian, but unexpectedly met men from Zhai Xing Lou along the way. Our men were already heavily injured by their encounter with the Rhinoceros Beast, and we were no match for them. The Rhinoceros Beast was snatched from us…”

When he said this, Duanmu Hongru’s eyes filled with regret and hatred.

They had been so close to solving everything.

Just so close!

“The Rhinoceros Beast is just too important to us. We must find it. Although we already lost one, but… since a Rhinoceros Beast existed in the Forest of Freedom, we might still have a chance. Perhaps we can find a second Rhinoceros Beast there.” Duanmu Hongru expressed the hope in his heart.

However, to Ji Fengyan, his words were completely ridiculous.

The Rhinoceros Beast had long vanished from sight. There was only one in the Forest of Freedom, and it was probably the only Rhinoceros Beast left in the world. Further, the Rhinoceros Beast had not been captured by Zhai Xing Lou, but had been rescued by Ji Fengyan. However, Yan Luo Dian was not aware of this point.

Ji Fengyan saw that Yan Luo Dian’s insistence on the Rhinoceros Beast approached fanaticism. Unless they were sure there was no Rhinoceros Beast in the Forest of Freedom, they would never cease searching for it.

And this was what worried Ji Fengyan.

She might temporarily hide the Rhinoceros Beast, but that was not a long-term solution.

Once Yan Luo Dian discovered the slightest clue, they would not give up hope.

“City Lord Ji, we can relinquish anything else in the Forest of Freedom, but not the Rhinoceros Beast. Please, allow us to enter the Forest of Freedom…” Duanmu Hongru raised his head, his eyes pleading.

“No.” Ji Fengyan flatly refused. She felt rather troubled. On one hand was the Rhinoceros Beast, and on the other hand was Yan Luo Dian. She was caught between them and did not know what to do.