The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 964 - Little Chi Tong (3)

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Chapter 964: Little Chi Tong (3)

Stunned, Ji Fengyan rushed forward. The toddler suddenly turned around when she was reaching it, but without thinking, she just reached out and pulled back that little fellow.

How did such a young toddler appear in Yan Luo Dian?

Heart still pounding, Ji Fengyan dragged that little fellow away from danger. Doubts and questions rose in her mind.

There were very few women inside the Free Valley, while she had seen no children here before.

The little fellow whom she just rescued looked only about three to four years of age. Under the faint moonlight, his limbs looked tiny, but his face displayed not the slightest bit of shock. He just looked calmly at Ji Fengyan, his reaction completely different from a normal child’s.

Ji Fengyan stared at the little punk for a moment, feeling that he looked somewhat familiar. She finally realized after some thought.

This toddler was obviously a younger version of Chi Tong!

The brow area was identical to Chi Tong’s, just several years younger.

Within seconds, Ji Fengyan “guessed” the identity of that kid.

No wonder Meng Fusheng said he had not seen Chi Tong for a long time. It appeared that Chi Tong had already settled down in Yan Luo Dian with a family and child?

“Little fellow, it’s very dangerous over there. Don’t go over. It’s so late at night. Is there no one looking after you?” Ji Fengyan had assumed that this was Chi Tong’s child and was patiently coaxing him.


That toddler gazed at Ji Fengyan’s benevolent expression and her gentle words with a strange look on his face. He looked at Ji Fengyan and then again at the edge of the terrace.

Noticing that the kid still had a “lingering desire” towards the edge, she was worried he couldn’t understand her and so just scooped him up in her arms.

This time, the calm child no longer remained calm. He widened his dark eyes in shock at Ji Fengyan and pushed against her with his plump, white arms—but to no avail…

Ji Fengyan stared at the struggling kid without alarm. This was the first time the toddler had met her and it was normal for a young child to be extra cautious towards strangers.

To prevent the toddler from venturing to dangerous areas again, Ji Fengyan carried him in and was prepared to hand him over to the team of patrolling devil-masked men.

“Forcibly” taken away by Ji Fengyan, that toddler contorted its face in anguish at Ji Fengyan’s smiling expression.

Ji Fengyan strolled around the main hall of Yan Luo Dian but could not find the patrolling devil-masked men. Instead, she met a flustered Duanmu Hongru. “Brother Duanmu, it’s a good thing you are here. I was looking for someone, this child…”

Duanmu Hongru appeared to be searching for something anxious, but on hearing Ji Fengyan’s voice speaking the word “child”, he immediately straightened and hurried over.

In the end…

Duanmu Hongru stared dumbly at the little toddler in Ji Fengyan’s embrace.