The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 963 - Little Chi Tong (2)

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Chapter 963: Little Chi Tong (2)

Chi Tong looked weary sitting on the chair. He slowly shut those keen, profound eyes as his body gradually slumped downwards. Even the hand supporting his cheek looked like it had contracted a little.

In the blink of an eye, Chi Tong appeared shrunken, while the heavy light-gold armour seemed to have expanded.

At that moment, the person sitting upon that chair was no longer a handsome man in his twenties. Nestled within the heavy layers of armour and clothing, was a toddler of about three to four years old.

The toddler had an exquisite appearance and looked very much like Chi Tong, except without the fierce drive and with an air of naivety. His sleeping face looked like a gift from heaven, but was colorless and lifeless like a piece of white jade.

It pained Duanmu Hongru to look upon that exquisite little face. He hurried forward to scoop up that little toddler and covered him carefully with his coat.

“Boss Chi… how could we bear to…” Duanmu Hongru’s eyes were red-rimmed. Gazing down at that sleeping little fellow, his heart felt like it was being shredded to bits.

The devil-masked men in the main hall got all teary-eyed at the scene. They instinctively lowered their heads.

The Forest of Freedom…

They could never give it up.

Duanmu Hongru looked down at the diminished Chi Tong. Taking a deep breath, he passed him over to a devil-masked man.

“Take good care of Boss Chi, I will look for Ji Fengyan.”

“Boss Duanmu, that City Lord Ji seems very firm on that. I am afraid that even if you go…”

“Regardless, we cannot give up the Forest of Freedom. I will go speak with her!” Duanmu Hongru spoke with resolution. They could agree to any other request, but the Forest of Freedom was non-negotiable!

“Boss Duanmu, should we wait and see? Wait for Boss Chi… to be better, before asking his opinion?”

Duanmu Hongru kept silent for a moment. He looked at the sleeping little Chi Tong again before nodding his head in resignation.

And so Ji Fengyan stayed on at Yan Luo Dian for the moment. Although Chi Tong had yet to give his answer, everyone in Yan Luo Dian treated her and Meng Fusheng cordially. They did not try to restrain their movements within the city.

Ji Fengyan felt stiff all over after spending a period cultivating in her room. She walked out into the corridor.

It was already late at night and a team of devil-masked men were patrolling Yan Luo Dian. On seeing Ji Fengyan, they just nodded and did not try to cause any trouble.

Ji Fengyan had a rather good impression of Yan Luo Dian. She had no wish to incite any unhappiness between her and them, but allowing them free rein of the Forest of Freedom would violate her pact with the rhinoceros beast.

Taking advantage of the night, Ji Fengyan strolled out onto a sky terrace. Located on the third story of the Yan Luo Dian fortress, this platform was partially extended outwards and bathed in the moonlight. Several plants adorned the terrace, making it look very peaceful.

Ji Fengyan had just stepped onto the wide sky terrace when she suddenly spied a small figure standing at the edge. That figure looked like a three to four-year-old toddler, and he had one foot propped up on the edge of the terrace, looking like he may fall over any time.