The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 962 - Little Chi Tong (1)

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Chapter 962: Little Chi Tong (1)

Chi Tong had Duanmu Hongru arrange accommodations for Ji Fengyan and company. Duanmu Hongru was looking rather ill and had two devil-masked men lead Ji Fengyan instead.

After exiting the main hall, Meng Fusheng cautiously sidled up to Ji Fengyan and asked in an indistinct voice, “My queen, might your request be a bit too harsh? The Forest of Freedom is so vast and now that Zhai Xing Lou is gone, it will not be a big deal even if we have to share it equally with Yan Luo Dian.”

Meng Fusheng didn’t understand why Ji Fengyan would suddenly raise the issue of control over the Forest of Freedom. From his point of view, Chi Tong was already very amenable and had no objections to Ji Fengyan’s plans to establish a kingdom. But she had now put him in a tough spot.

Ji Fengyan just shook her head. She wanted the Forest of Freedom not to monopolize the resources inside, but for the sake of the living creatures inside the forest. She had agreed with the rhinoceros beast to protect them all.

Ji Fengyan had tried to use herbs and minerals as barter for Yan Luo Dian, but if they rejected it, it was obvious their goal was not these inanimate items…

If Yan Luo Dian’s target was the living creatures inside the Forest of Freedom, there was no way she would split the forest with them. The rhinoceros beast’s previous injuries was caused by Yan Luo Dian, and they had even gone to war with Zhai Xing Lou over the loss of that beast. It was obvious that the rhinoceros beast was extremely important to them.

The moment Yan Luo Dian was allowed into the Forest of Freedom, they would definitely try their best to locate that rhinoceros beast. And Ji Fengyan would not always be there to rescue that beast.

Meng Fusheng didn’t know what Ji Fengyan was thinking. Seeing no response from her, he could only keep his mouth shut.

On the other side, Duanmu Hongru stood with a grave expression within the main all. He looked at Chi Tong with a complex gaze.

“Boss Chi… we cannot give up the Forest of Freedom.” Duanmu Hongru was frowning deeply and looking at Chi Tong resolutely.

Chi Tong lowered his eyelids. No one knew what he was thinking.

Duanmu Hongru was rather anxious. “City Lord Ji is a benefactor to Yan Luo Dian. But inside the Forest of Freedom…”

“Duanmu.” Chi Tong cut in suddenly. He raised his handsome, yet pale and weary face. Leaning back against his chair, he looked up beyond the roof of the main hall. “These past years have been hard on you.”

Duanmu Hongru was slightly taken aback. His eyes turned red and he took a deep breath to suppress his rising emotions.

“Boss Chi, what are you saying! If not for you, we would have long been dead. And if you had not been looking out for us, you… you would not have…” Duanmu Hongru clenched his fists, unable to complete his sentence.

Chi Tong waved it off.

“What happened that year had nothing to do with you all. It is between me and the Kingdom of Sa Er. Even without you guys, the outcome would have been the same.”

Duanmu Hongru’s expression remained grim.

But Chi Tong did not wish to continue speaking about this.

“All these years, you have been exploring the Forest of Freedom and endured much hardship. It’s about time. Ji Fengyan is Yan Luo Dian’s benefactor, and if she really wants the Forest of Freedom, so be it.” Chi Tong leaned his cheek against one hand and closed his eyes wearily. Even his voice had faded.

Duanmu Hongru’s heart ached to see Chi Tong in this manner. But he was unable to say a word.