The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 961 - Visiting Yan Luo Dian (5)

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Chapter 961: Visiting Yan Luo Dian (5)

Silence fell over the entire hall. Duanmu Hongru never expected that Ji Fengyan had come today to announce this. He couldn’t help feeling somewhat anxious and kept stealing glances at Chi Tong. He was very scared that the two would enter conflict.

Chi Tong had once served the powerful Kingdom of Sa Er, but eventually left. He was inherently averse to the word kingdom.

After some time, Chi Tong finally spoke.

“Yan Luo Dian holds no objections if City Lord Ji has such plans. But there is something I must clarify with you first.” Chi Tong trained those sharp eyes of his on Ji Fengyan’s face. “We have no problems with City Lord Ji’s plans to establish a kingdom. But Yan Luo Dian will not be part of it. No matter what happens in the future, Yan Luo Dian will forever be independent. We will not rely on or be subordinate to any other power.”

“No problem.” Ji Fengyan instantly agreed. She had never planned to do anything to Yan Luo Dian. As long as they stayed out of her way, she would not provoke them.

Meng Fusheng instinctively relaxed at this.

But before he could fully do so, Ji Fengyan’s next sentence made his scalp go numb.

“But there is one thing I must make clear. The Forest of Freedom is mine.”

The atmosphere had just calmed down when Ji Fengyan’s statement once again rose tensions. Even Duanmu Hongru had widened his eyes in disbelief.

The Forest of Freedom was the biggest treasure trove in the Free Valley. Yan Luo Dian had spent many years exploring the forest and knew just how many wonderful treasures were hidden inside. But Ji Fengyan now wanted to monopolize the Forest of Freedom. This was a direct challenge to the prosperity of Yan Luo Dian.

Before Chi Tong could speak, Duanmu Hongru immediately jumped forward.

“No way!”

Ji Fengyan looked at the agitated Duanmu Hongru.

“City Lord Ji, we have no objections to you building a kingdom. I can even volunteer to help you lay the bricks and tiles. But Yan Luo Dian will never agree to you monopolizing the Forest of Freedom.” Duanmu Hongru frowned. His emotions were in a whirl, but his tone was firm.

“Oh? Why is that?” Ji Fengyan raised her brow. “If you need any minerals or herbs, I can provide them. In fact, I can even supply you with high-quality medicine. As long as you all don’t enter the Forest of Freedom.”

The Forest of Freedom was rich in herbs and minerals. Although there were also many exotic beasts inside, it would take huge efforts to capture one.

Ji Fengyan was offering very good terms for them not to set foot inside the Forest of Freedom. Yan Luo Dian would not be shortchanged.


Duanmu Hongru gritted his teeth. “City Lord Ji, it doesn’t matter what you offer. We cannot agree to your request, because…”

“Duanmu.” Chi Tong suddenly interrupted Duanmu Hongru’s unfinished words. He looked over at Ji Fengyan with his profound eyes. “I will consider City Lord Ji’s proposal, but cannot offer you a firm answer now. If you are not in a hurry, you can stay at Yan Luo Dian for a couple of days. I will give you my answer then.”

“Alright.” Ji Fengyan immediately assented.

Duanmu Hongru wanted to say something more, but was silenced by one look from Chi Tong. He could only clench his fists and swallow back his words.