The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 960 - Visiting Yan Luo Dian (4)

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Chapter 960: Visiting Yan Luo Dian (4)

Everyone present knew that Ji Fengyan’s glib words salvaged Yan Luo Dian’s pride.

“City Lord Ji is too modest. I, Duanmu Hongru, am utterly impressed by you,” Duanmu Hongru said in all sincerity. He was a born-general and placed an impressive deal of emphasis on the ties of friendship and comradeship. The devil-masked men were all under his lead and their deaths would have been unbearable to him. He was thoroughly grateful to Ji Fengyan for saving his men.

Ji Fengyan smiled. She was becoming increasingly fond of Duanmu Hongru’s candid character. He reminded her of Linghe.

“City Lord Ji, please take a seat.” Chi Tong finally spoke. His voice held a magnetic quality, yet still harboring the gentleness of youth. It was a very soothing voice.

In her unpretentious way, Ji Fengyan immediately went to sit down on a chair by the side.

“Duanmu has already told me everything regarding the war with Zhai Xing Lou. I am grateful to you.” Chi Tong rose and saluted Ji Fengyan. “You have saved many of our brothers and are the benefactor of Yan Luo Dian. I suspect that your visit today is not just a simple sightseeing trip. If there is anything Yan Luo Dian can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Ji Fengyan was slightly taken aback. She didn’t expect Chi Tong to be so straightforward. She was also stunned by his intelligence—she had just arrived and had said little, but he could already tell she had an ulterior motive.

“Since the City Lord is so candid, then I will also not beat about the bush.” Ji Fengyan straightened and looked at Chi Tong’s handsome face. “I wish to establish a kingdom within the Free Valley.”

Ji Fengyan’s statement had Duanmu Hongru and the devil-masked men all dumbstruck.

Establish a kingdom?!

A faint sense of wonder had also appeared on Chi Tong’s face. He obviously never expected for Ji Fengyan to harbor such a crazy idea.

“I have been planning for this for quite some time. Our grudge with Zhai Xing Lou ran deep, and even if Yan Luo Dian did not cooperate with us, I would have dealt with them sooner or later. But since we are now allies and both residing in the Free Valley, I specially came here today to inform you.” Ji Fengyan grinned. Her tone was courteous, but the meaning behind her words were clear and firm.

Regardless of Yan Luo Dian’s response today, she would not change her plans.

Chi Tong sat back down with a frown. However, there were no traces of displeasure on his face. Instead, he was looking at Ji Fengyan as if deep in thought.

Meng Fusheng observed the reactions of the Yan Luo Dian crowd from the side. He was confident of his queen’s formidable powers, but they had just fought alongside Yan Luo Dian. If Yan Luo Dian disagreed and they went to battle with each other—it would be a true pity to have to turn against their former allies.

Meng Fusheng carefully surveyed the reactions of the people. Duanmu Hongru and the gang were still in shock and had yet to recover their composure. In contrast, Chi Tong’s reaction was somewhat strange. His brows were slightly furrowed as if deep in thought. He did not immediately offer any verbal response to Ji Fengyan’s kingdom-building idea.

At that moment, Meng Fusheng remained confused of the situation before him. He could only quietly watch Ji Fengyan’s grinning profile.