The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 959 - Visiting Yan Luo Dian (3)

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Chapter 959: Visiting Yan Luo Dian (3)

Yan Luo Dian had already received news of Ji Fengyan’s impending visit. As Yan Luo Dian had suffered heavy losses in the battle against Zhai Xing Lou, they would be mincemeat if Ji Fengyan attacked them now. Hence, as the pair approached the front gates, the usually proud-faced devil-masked men greeted them effusively as if welcoming their own family.

Duanmu Hongru also hurried forward to greet them. He had suffered heavy injuries but could force his powerful warrior’s body out of bed rest on hearing news of Ji Fengyan’s arrival. Disregarding his injuries, Duanmu Hongru personally went to the gates to welcome Ji Fengyan.

“City Lord Ji has come a long way. I apologize for not coming out farther to meet you.” Duanmu Hongru was extremely emotional.

Due to their heavy losses sustained, Yan Luo Dian had not joined in the final confrontation against Zhai Xing Lou. Nevertheless, Duanmu Hongru had heard of how Ji Fengyan had brought along the badly injured Gong Zhiyu and killed their way into Zhai Xing Lou’s headquarters and completely destroyed it. They had even locked up Gong Qiang in the main tower for eternity.

This swift victory had delighted Duanmu Hongru to no end. His respect for Ji Fengyan climbed even higher.

“Brother Duanmu is too kind. You are still injured and should be resting. I have only come for an informal visit.” Ji Fengyan smiled. Duanmu Hongru was a candid man who respected the ties of comradeship. Ji Fengyan had a wonderful impression of him.

Duanmu Hongru laughed. “These are just minor injuries. I have experienced so many battles before and am used to it. Dear me, I was so happy that I forgot my manners. Our City Lord already made preparations on hearing about your impending visit. He is waiting inside the hall now. Would City Lord Ji please make your way there?”

Ji Fengyan nodded and walked into Yan Luo Dian with Meng Fusheng.

Yan Luo Dian gave off a cold, hard aura. The structures and designs all had a masculine feel to them, very in sync with Chi Tong’s general background.

Ji Fengyan soon arrived at the main hall in Yan Luo Dian.

Sitting there was a handsome man with exceedingly piercing eyes. That man appeared to be only in his twenties, but possessed a fierce drive that could not be overlooked. He wore a light gold armour and looked like a god of war. A murderous aura hung between his brows, accumulated from so many years of war that it refused to dissipate even up till now.

Ji Fengyan could immediately tell that the man before her was the ruler of Yan Luo Dian, Chi Tong!

Chi Tong didn’t feel totally unfamiliar to Ji Fengyan. His fierce spirit reminded Ji Fengyan of Qin Muyao. However, Qin Muyao was younger than Chi Tong and had not yet been honed by the experience of war.

Ji Fengyan and Chi Tong sized each other up simultaneously. They were both intelligent people and were transparent in their scrutiny.

“City Lord, this is City Lord Ji. If she had not aided us in that battle with Zhai Xing Lou, I would probably have perished.” Duanmu Hongru smiled, full of praises for Ji Fengyan.

“Brother Duanmu is too kind. We had already agreed to cooperate. If Yan Luo Dian had not diverted Zhai Xing Lou’s attention, how could I have carried out my attack so easily?” Ji Fengyan replied politely.