The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 958 - Visiting Yan Luo Dian (2)

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Chapter 958: Visiting Yan Luo Dian (2)

Traveling from Heavenly Courts to Yan Luo Dian would take nearly a day’s journey. Built on a foundation of hard rock, it looked like an impenetrable fortress from the outside.

This time, Ji Fengyan was only accompanied by Meng Fusheng and had left everyone else back at Heavenly Courts.

On the way, Meng Fusheng shared everything he knew about Yan Luo Dian and Chi Tong.

Although Chi Tong controlled Yan Luo Dian and was one of the three major powers in the Free Valley, his actions were also the most secretive of the three. Gong Qiang’s cruel ways were known and he would sometimes travel out of Zhai Xing Lou, but Chi Tong had never left Yan Luo Dian since he established that city. As a result, Chi Tong did not appear before or during the battle with Zhai Xing Lou.

Meng Fusheng had not seen Chi Tong for many years now. His only impression of him was that pair of sharp eyes which looked as if they could look into your soul.

“That fellow Chi Tong is handsome, just that his eyes are scary, even to me. I have only met him once, and he is a man of few words, but he radiates a powerful aura that could only be accumulated from the many years of battle he has experienced.” Meng Fusheng chattered on to Ji Fengyan the entire journey. Even as they were approaching Yan Luo Dian, he couldn’t help speaking up again.

“My queen, are you going to declare your intentions to establish a kingdom to Chi Tong?” Meng Fusheng gave a small chuckle as he winked at Ji Fengyan.

Inside the Free Valley, the rise of one power might not necessarily invoke any opposition, but the establishment of a new kingdom was an entirely different matter.

To build a whole nation inside the Free Valley would be a major threat to the other powers. Even the evil Gong Qiang with his large army of gold-cultivated monsters did not dare to do something like that. Such an idea was unthinkable—if anyone had raised this notion to Meng Fusheng a few months ago, he would have thought that person was mad.

What kind of place was the Free Valley?

This was the refuge of the most savage and evil criminals in the world. Point your finger at anyone and he would probably have had taken a few lives before. There was no way they would tolerate anyone establishing a kingdom right under their noses. Moreover, there would be citizens the moment a nation was formed. The people in the Free Valley had been used to a reckless life free from restraints. After so many years of wanton freedom, it would be impossible to make them accountable to any form of governance.


Meng Fusheng no longer felt this was an unthinkable idea.

If Ji Fengyan wanted to establish a nation, no one in the entire Free Valley could stop her.

Just look at the bunch of brawny men inside Heavenly Courts. Under Ji Fengyan’s “education”, they had all turned straight as arrows. Their humble and polite ways had become a sharp contrast to a wild place such as the Free Valley.

Now that Zhai Xing Lou had been destroyed and only Yan Luo Dian was left—as long as the latter did not oppose, Ji Fengyan’s kingdom… was a done deal.

Ji Fengyan grinned at the eagerly curious Meng Fusheng, but didn’t reply. She just looked at the fortress-looking structure appearing on the horizon.

The entire Yan Luo Dian was made from a hard, black iron rock material. Even using sacred-level sorcery would require a few days and nights of constant attack to penetrate it.

Meng Fusheng’s curiosity remained unsatisfied, but he kept his mouth shut on seeing that they had already arrived at Yan Luo Dian.