The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 956 - Grief (3)

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Chapter 956: Grief (3)

Was that Gong Qiang?

Gong Zhiyu stared at the figure that lay struggling and moaning in a pool of blood. He could scarcely believe his eyes.

The evil monster who had tortured him and his siblings for so many years, now lay helplessly on the ground. The monsters he had created with his own hands continued to eat his flesh and drink his blood.

Gong Zhiyu snapped out of his trance. His gaze suddenly fell on the slight figure seated on the chair.

“Fengyan…?” He asked tentatively.

Ji Fengyan turned her head slowly. Her delicate little face was completely expressionless. It was ice cold and filled with a strong killing aura.

Gong Zhiyu’s heart began to thump violently after just one look.

He had never seen this side of Ji Fengyan before. It was as if the young girl before him was someone completely different. Wariness and dread involuntarily rose in his heart.

Gong Zhiyu’s shocked face was reflected in Ji Fengyan’s eyes. She suddenly snapped out of her trance, and her lips curved in a trace of her familiar smile.

“Have you settled it?”

Gong Zhiyu gave a slight start. It was as if Ji Fengyan had returned to normal, and everything that had happened previously was just a nightmare.

“I… let them sleep in peace.” Gong Zhiyu calmed himself as he thought of his three younger sisters.

Gong Qiang had completely modified them until they had lost all human consciousness. Their heads had been replaced by the heads of monsters. In essence, the souls in their distorted bodies were no longer those of the three young girls that Gong Zhiyu had known.

After a hard fight, Gong Zhiyu had cut off the three ugly heads and chopped off the four beast limbs. He had burnt their original bodies and let them sleep the long slumber of death.

Ji Fengyan nodded faintly. Gong Zhiyu had acted in the most fitting manner. The original souls in those bodies had already been extinguished. Even she had no way of exploiting their sins.

Gong Zhiyu’s gaze returned to Gong Qiang, who was being continually eaten. Gong Qiang had already lost his mind from the agony. He had screamed until he was hoarse. Right now, he could only pull his mouth open, but could not emit a single word. He had no choice but to allow the men transformed by gold cultivation to continually bite off his newly grown flesh.

“I suddenly don’t feel like killing him.” Ji Fengyan leaned back in her chair and looked at the pathetic Gong Qiang. “I’ll seal him up here and let him suffer the continual agony of his flesh being eaten and his blood being drunk, without ever being saved. He said that these men transformed by gold cultivation will never die or grow old. Let them accompany him forever, and “repay” him for a lifetime of suffering.”

Gong Zhiyu gave a slight start. Just the thought of it made his scalp crawl.

Ji Fengyan’s move was so vicious, it made one’s teeth chatter. But it was the best way of dealing with scum like Gong Qiang.

“I’ll have to trouble you then,” Gong Zhiyu said.

Ji Fengyan shook her head. “I did not look for your younger brother. Gong Qiang was alone when I arrived. Do you want to look for him?”

Ji Fengyan helped to question Gong Qiang as to Gong Huiyu’s whereabouts. Gong Qiang had been tormented until he was more dead than alive and had become forthright. He did not know where Gong Huiyu had gone. He had planned to use Gong Huiyu to control Gong Zhiyu after matters were settled, so he had allowed Gong Huiyu to temporarily remain in the other rooms.

Gong Zhiyu immediately went to look for him. Although he turned the entire Zhai Xing Lou upside down, he did not find even a trace of Gong Huiyu…