The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 953 - Fallacy (3)

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Chapter 953: Fallacy (3)

The speed of these people transformed by gold cultivation was astounding. They moved so fast that they could barely be seen.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she saw ten over black shadows surround her. She loosed the long whip in her hand. Before the slender whip in her hand could reach the ground, Ji Fengyan flicked her hand!

A layer of golden light swiftly shrouded the long whip. As Ji Fengyan’s wrist flicked, the long whip that shimmered with gold light left a trail of gold around her. A crisp, slapping noise exploded in the room. The ten over men who had been transformed by gold cultivation could not approach Ji Fengyan. The moment they advanced, the whip sent them flying!

Gong Qiang’s eyes widened in disbelieve. He stared fixedly at the golden light that encircled Ji Fengyan. A fanatic flame burnt in his eyes.


Really, she was so powerful.

Gong Qiang had thought that Gong Rui, Gong Zhiyu and Gong Huiyu were the most talented among ordinary people. He had not imagined that one day, he would encounter such a powerful girl.

The fanaticism of gold cultivation burnt in Gong Qiang’s soul. A desire that he had never experienced before burnt in his heart.

He must have Ji Fengyan!

With Ji Fengyan’s aptitude, together with his gold cultivation, they could create gold cultivation artifacts that would shock the world.

The ten over men who had been transformed by gold cultivation attacked her together, but could not hurt her in the least. Ji Fengyan’s feet had not even left the spot. The long whip that she wielded sufficed to create a powerful defense.

Whip marks soon covered the bodies of the men transformed by gold cultivation. Ji Fengyan’s whip was infused with a powerful vital energy that increased the damage capability of the whip by ten times or more. Just one stroke of her whip would create a bone-deep wound. However, these men that gold cultivation had transformed did not feel any pain. After the whip had sent them flying, the deep whip marks would rapidly heal. Then they would climb back on their feet and rush towards Ji Fengyan again.

These monsters did not seem to be able to die. Together with their powerful ability to heal, they would be even more terrible than the wights if they entered the battlefield!

“What do you think? Ji Fengyan, these children of mine are not too bad, right?” Ji Fengyan stared fanatically at Ji Fengyan. He was so excited that he broke out in goosebumps.

“They were all carefully selected during my time in the Kingdom of Gui Suo. Every one of them is a rare talent. I took them in and transformed them to be even more powerful. They will never age or suffer the torments of sickness and pain. Their lifespans are indefinite. Even if they are heavily wounded, they will heal quickly. Can you feel their power and their invincibility?” Gong Qiang laughed wildly as he spoke, his words filled with a distorted fanaticism.

Ji Fengyan looked coldly at the men transformed by gold cultivation that continually rushed up. Her eyes were so cold they were almost frozen.

The power of these men transformed by gold cultivation was much greater than the gold cultivated monsters. If it had been anyone else, even if they could temporarily hold off defeat, in the face of this concerted attack, the endless bombardment of these men transformed by gold cultivation would eventually exhaust them.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as she looked at Gong Qiang’s ugly face. Her free hand reached into the Space Soul Jade and took out a stack of talismans. Her feet suddenly leapt from the ground. Her petite figure flew upwards, and with a sweep of her whip, she swiftly scattered the stack of talismans in her hand!