The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 952 - Fallacy (2)

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Chapter 952: Fallacy (2)

Gong Qiang was crazy, more crazy than anyone else. Ji Fengyan could not bear to continue listening to his utterly selfish words. He claimed to have saved those children and therefore, they should naturally sacrifice everything for him. But he forgot that most of these children had actual parents. They had enjoyed their family life but, in the end, Gong Qiang had forcefully taken them from their parents and killed all their relatives, then pushed them into a bottomless abyss.

In this wide world, this was the first time Ji Fengyan had met someone who could make his evil deeds sound so magnificent. This kind of person disgusted her.

Gong Qiang perceived Ji Fengyan’s aptitude. He had never seen the kind of pure aura that Ji Fengyan possessed. Every cell in his body was screaming in a frenzy to disembowel Ji Fengyan, and search for this unknown power.

When he saw that Ji Fengyan disdained his words, a sinister look flashed across Gong Qiang’s eyes. He silently activated the mechanism on the arm of his chair. Instantly, the door behind Ji Fengyan closed abruptly. Wisps of green smoke suddenly curled up from between the cracks of the marble slabs on the floor.

“Perhaps you don’t understand now, but eventually, you will thank me.” Gong Qiang poured a bottle of medicine down his throat. He sat steadily in his chair and smiled sinisterly at Ji Fengyan.

Gong Qiang made this poisonous smoke using gold cultivation and poisons. Even if a vicious tiger breathed in a little of it, it would immediately become unconscious, much less a young girl.

Gong Qiang had his reasons for leading Ji Fengyan here. He had been waiting for the moment when Ji Fengyan fell into his trap.

But now…

Ji Fengyan looked coldly at the poisonous smoke that filled the surrounding air. Her mouth curled in a disdainful smile. She breathed naturally, with no signs of panic. Her body showed no change at all.

Not to talk about losing consciousness. Her eyes were so bright that one almost did not dare to look at her directly.

The smile on Gong Qiang’s face became rather stiff. He frowned slightly. When he looked at Ji Fengyan, who remained completely unperturbed by the poisonous smoke, it filled his eyes with suspicion.

“Just these petty tricks?” Ji Fengyan raised her brows slightly. She deliberately breathed deeply in front of Gong Qiang. A sizable amount of poisonous smoke filled her lungs. However, it was completely neutralized by Ji Fengyan’s inner core before it could sink into her body.

The smile on Gong Qiang’s face slowly disappeared. He narrowed his sharp eyes and activated another mechanism.

Instantly, the wall behind him opened. A secret room was hidden behind the open wall. Many pale and sallow looking persons stood upright in that secret room. Their faces were indiscernible because their facial features had been sliced off. The flesh and skin on their faces had been sewed together. Only a jet black eye was left where the brow should have been. Within the black iris was a strange, yellow vertical pupil. Their mouths looked like they had been carved out with a sharp knife and the corners of the lips extended to their ears.

“You have forced me into this. I did not wish you to suffer any harm. Now, you have asked for it.” The moment Gong Qiang finished speaking, he gave a signal. As if they had received some sort of order, the ten over peculiar looking men that had been transformed by gold cultivation suddenly poured out of the secret room. They rushed at Ji Fengyan, who stood in the room.