The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 950 - Little Sister (3)

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Chapter 950: Little Sister (3)

Little sisters?

Ji Fengyan was dumbstruck.

She knew Gong Qiang’s methods were depraved and Gong Rui had said before that Gong Qiang adopted those children for the sole purpose of experimenting on them.


Ji Fengyan never imagined that Gong Qiang’s gold cultivation experiments would be so cruel.

Looking at those slender torsos, Ji Fengyan could tell that these young girls would not have been over 15 years old when they were transformed… and after the fusion with the powerful gold-cultivated monsters, their bodies had stopped developing and remained at that age forever.

Gong Zhiyu had to spend many years outside of the Free Valley and didn’t know what Gong Qiang had been doing. He was not aware that Gong Qiang already noticed he still possessed a good conscience. In addition, Gong Rui had also asked Gong Zhiyu to take care of his siblings. To avoid a rebellion by Gong Zhiyu, Gong Qiang purposely hid the transformations of these young girls from him. Although Gong Zhiyu knew that the sudden disappearance of his sisters must have been because Gong Qiang took them for his experiments, but… he continued to hold on to a thin hope.

But now…

Now, all hope had dissolved into despair.

“Fourth sister…” Gong Zhiyu called out painfully at the monster wearing that necklace.

That creature did not recognize Gong Zhiyu. It bore its sharp fangs at him and emitted a threatening howl.

Taking a deep breath, Gong Zhiyu looked at Ji Fengyan. “Miss Ji, leave these three to me. Gong Qiang should be on the fourth floor. You will have to help me settle him.”

Ji Fengyan nodded. Even though these three girls had already been transformed into monsters, in Gong Zhiyu’s eyes, they were still the little sisters who required his protection…

The more she saw of Gong Qiang’s evil deeds, the more Ji Fengyan hated him to the core. She couldn’t understand how someone could be so evil as to perform such cruel acts.

Gong Zhiyu stayed on the third floor to block his “sisters” from advancing. Meanwhile, Ji Fengyan left her evil-vanquishing sword here, just in case. She then dashed up the fourth story.

In contrast to the dark third floor, the fourth level of Zhai Xing Lou was filled with light. Beyond the opened doors, Gong Qiang sat inside a room, directly facing Ji Fengyan, who had just arrived.

“Ji Fengyan, you are full of surprises.” Gong Qiang smiled as he crossed his hands before him. He lifted his chin as he watched Ji Fengyan approach alone.

Gong Qiang already knew that Fu Guang City had changed rulers, but… he had not bothered about that at all.

Inside the Free Valley, no one was his match. He held neither Fu Guang City nor Yan Luo Dian in his regard. He had left them alone until now as they were a source of materials for him.


Gong Qiang never imagined that his arrogance would have attracted such a formidable opponent. There were hundreds of gold-cultivated monsters on the second floor, and all of them of an elite-level. Nevertheless, they could not ward off Ji Fengyan’s advancement. This was something Gong Qiang didn’t expect at all.

“No need to be surprised. You will soon feel nothing.” Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes with her whip curled around her hand. Now… faced with this devil who had crawled out of hell, she desperately wanted to kill him! Then smash his bones and burn him to ashes!