The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 949 - Little Sisters (2)

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Chapter 949: Little Sisters (2)

Gong Zhiyu and Ji Fengyan killed their way up the Zhai Xing Lou tower. All who stood in their way were instantly cut down. After demolishing a group of gold-cultivated monsters, Gong Zhiyu led Ji Fengyan up to the third story.

But the moment they stepped onto that level, Gong Zhiyu’s footsteps wavered.

He could feel a strange aura circulating this floor.

The entire level was pitch black as black drapes covered all the windows. One could not even see his own hands before him. Even so, a sense of danger permeated the atmosphere.

“There’s something wrong,” Gong Zhiyu said in an inaudible voice.

Ji Fengyan immediately focused her vital energy in her eyes so the dark would not impede her vision.


A black figure flashed across them.

That figure moved so quickly that even Ji Fengyan could not see what it was.

“Be careful.” Gong Zhiyu suddenly felt something and hurriedly stepped forward to shield Ji Fengyan.

In that instant, an ominous shadow dashed past them again and an intense pain radiated from Gong Zhiyu’s arm.

Ji Fengyan thrust her evil-vanquishing sword toward that dark shadow but ended up stabbing at empty air. That black figure had escaped.

She then looked down at Gong Zhiyu’s arm, only to see that a piece of flesh had been torn off. Blood gushed out of the wound.

Ji Fengyan immediately took out some blood-clotting elixirs for Gong Zhiyu. She surveyed the surroundings with narrowed eyes. In the next second, she plunged her evil-vanquishing sword right up into the ceiling. A powerful beam of light shone through and brightened the entire level.

It revealed everything on that third floor under that light.

And Ji Fengyan saw those figures who attacked them.

Three bizarre, inhuman forms stood crouched in the three corners of that level. They had human torsos, but their heads and limbs were that of three unique types of beasts. Their mannerisms were also that of wild beasts, stooped over on all fours. They had Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhiyu surrounded in the center.

One of them opened its bloody mouth and was probably the one who had attacked Gong Zhiyu.

“Are these also gold-cultivated monsters?” Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows as she held out a slender, soft whip. The evil-vanquishing sword was not her only weapon.

But just as Ji Fengyan was preparing to deal with these three monsters, the injured Gong Zhiyu suddenly raised his hand to stop her. His eyes were fixed upon the necklace worn by one of the creatures.

The sight of a blackened, but eye-catching leaf pendant had shocked Gong Zhiyu to the core.

“What’s the matter?” Ji Fengyan asked after noticing Gong Zhiyu’s strange reaction.

Gong Zhiyu gaped as he clenched his fists tightly. He then clamped his jaws together as he struggled to control the pain and hatred in his heart.

“Don’t harm them… I beg of you.”

“Why?” Ji Fengyan was stunned.

Gong Zhiyu shut his eyes painfully as he forced out his reply, while trembling all over. “They… are my little sisters…”