The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 947 - The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (5)

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Chapter 947: The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (5)

Gong Huiyu gave a slight start.

According to Zhai Xing Lou’s rules, they sentenced all traitors to the capital punishment of death by a thousand cuts. As Zhai Xing Lou’s top enforcer, Gong Huiyu had personally administered that punishment to several traitors. But…

Gong Huiyu looked at that face, which was nearly identical to his. His brows furrowed involuntarily.

“Yu, you have truly disappointed father. Since you have no intention of repenting, don’t blame me for being cruel.” Gong Qiang looked ruthlessly at Gong Zhiyu, before speaking to Gong Huiyu. “Huiyu, kill this traitor. You are the sole young master of Zhai Xing Lou now.”

Gong Huiyu’s heart lurched.

Gong Zhiyu’s face did not show any expression.

The sole young master of Zhai Xing Lou?

Gong Qiang always knew the key to controlling anyone’s heart. Gong Zhiyu did not wish to engage Gong Qiang anymore, so he looked at Ji Fengyan.

“Do it.”

Ji Fengyan nodded.

At that, Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhiyu charged at the men in black surrounding them. Within seconds, the main hall had been turned into a bloody scene.

“Such overconfidence.” Gong Qiang sat back leisurely in his chair. His eyes were half-closed and glinting with a cold light.

This was Zhai Xing Lou’s territory. Gong Zhiyu and Ji Fengyan had come barging in, just the two of them. Did they really think they could leave in one piece?

It would be like attacking rock with eggs.

Gong Qiang was not at all worried about it. In fact, not long after the fighting commenced, he had already stood up and looked at the dumbstruck Gong Huiyu. The corners of his lips curled up in an ambiguous smile.


Gong Huiyu gave a slight start.

“I put you in a tough position by asking you to execute your second brother. Although Yu has gone beyond redemption, he is still your second brother. The laws of Zhai Xing Lou must be upheld but I will not force you. Leave here with me. As his father, I… also cannot bear to watch your second brother being slaughtered.” With that, Gong Qiang turned and left. Gong Huiyu remained silent for a while longer. After one last glance at the surrounded Gong Zhiyu, he followed Gong Qiang.

The fighting carried on inside the main hall. Despite facing off hundreds of men in black, Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhiyu were not the least bit disadvantaged—instead, the number of fallen men at their feet steadily increased.

“Gong Qiang has left.” Gong Zhiyu forced back a man in black before going over to Ji Fengyan. He had just seen Gong Qiang’s and Gong Huiyu’s departing figure.

Ji Fengyan nodded. No longer inhibited, she spun her shining evil-vanquishing sword and immediately chopped off the heads of all the surrounding men in black.

Those men thought they had the advantage of numbers, and could easily take down Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhiyu. They never expected to be so completely outmatched by those two. Earlier, the fight had been even because Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhiyu were purposely holding back.

Under Ji Fengyan and Gong Zhiyu’s full might, the hundreds of men in black were destroyed within seconds. The thick smell of blood permeated the entire hall.

With Ji Fengyan’s capabilities, those few hundred men were not even worth mentioning. She had initially held back as she had her sights set on a greater goal.

“I want to see just how many more tricks that sly old fox has.” Ji Fengyan smiled brassily as she surveyed the mound of corpses.