The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 945 - The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (3)

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Chapter 945: The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (3)

Gong Qiang had just passed down his command when he received news of Gong Zhiyu’s return. He immediately summoned Gong Huiyu to the main hall on the first floor of Zhai Xing Lou.

Gong Qiang had just entered the main hall when he saw Gong Zhiyu standing there with an unfamiliar- and delicate-looking teenage girl. Gong Huiyu’s eyes instantly widened when he saw that girl.

He would never forget that face as long as he lived. The unrelenting prickling pain in his knees was a constant reminder of the identity of the person before him.

“It’s her!” Gong Huiyu spoke up in astonishment.

Gong Qiang raised his eyebrows after taking in Gong Huiyu’s reaction. Nevertheless, his face maintained its benign expression. He sauntered to the prime seat inside the hall.

“Yu, why have you returned so soon? Has the war with Yan Luo Dian ended?” Gong Qiang crossed his long, slender legs, a baffled smile hung upon his handsome face.

No one would have believed that Gong Qiang was a senior over 50 years of age. His handsome face and smooth, fair skin made him look similar in age to Gong Zhiyu. Only that pair of worn eyes betrayed the long years it had seen.

Gong Zhiyu looked at Gong Qiang, his heart in turmoil. Gong Rui’s face right before his death had been deeply imprinted in his soul, like a black fire burning intensely on his chest.


Gong Zhiyu suppressed that burning hatred and said without expression, “There is someone who wishes to meet with you.”

During this whole time, Gong Huiyu’s eyes never left that adolescent girl standing beside Gong Zhiyu.

“Oh? Could it be that young lady beside you?” Gong Qiang smiled with no traces of censure or anger. “Yu has grown up and started to notice girls. However, the battle with Yan Luo Dian has yet to be settled. Even if you have fallen in love, you should have… never mind… since she has come. There is no harm in meeting her.”

Gong Qiang’s tone was full of doting affection for Gong Zhiyu. It held not the slightest bit of blame towards Gong Zhiyu for messing things up.

“This young lady, you are looking for me?” Gong Qiang beamed at Ji Fengyan as he looked her over with smiling eyes.

“That’s right.” Ji Fengyan raised her head neutrally, her bright eyes fearlessly meeting the gaze of this devil. Based on appearance alone, Gong Qiang’s features were exceptionally gorgeous. But underneath that lovely facade was a depraved soul.

Ji Fengyan gave a faint smile and faced Gong Qiang. “I am Ji Fengyan and the ruler of Heavenly Courts.”

Gong Qiang’s eyes glinted at Ji Fengyan’s words. He quickly regained his composure, but his smile had faded slightly.

“Heavenly Courts? The ex-Fu Guang City?”

“That’s right.”

“Oh? Why have you come to see me today then?” Gong Qiang continued smiling.

Ji Fengyan lifted her chin and looked at the self-satisfied Gong Qiang. She said steadily, “Today, I have come to destroy this Zhai Xing Lou.”

At Ji Fengyan’s statement, the last traces of his smile vanished from Gong Qiang’s face. He narrowed his eyes as he threw a glance at Gong Zhiyu.

“Yu, you have really brought an enormous surprise for your father.”