The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 944 - The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (2)

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Chapter 944: The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (2)

Gong Qiang narrowed his eyes as his lips curled up in an ambiguous smile.

“It has been more than a day and there is still no news from your second brother.”

Gong Huiyu gave a slight shiver.

“I am afraid some problem must have come up?” Gong Qiang smiled as if nothing was wrong and continued. “Such a pity. It’s time to let the people below start their preparations.”

“Father, you say that second brother…” Gong Huiyu was clearly disconcerted.

Gong Zhiyu defeated by Yan Luo Dian? Gong Huiyu would never believe that.

Taking aside the fact that Gong Qiang had provided a large gold-cultivated monster army for Gong Zhiyu—just Gong Zhiyu and that giant soldier god alone was enough to destroy the entire Yan Luo Dian. After all, Gong Zhiyu had mastered the art of wights summoning. He would not be so easily defeated even when faced with a massive army. His necromancy wand guaranteed his success. As long as Gong Zhiyu remained alive, all the dead on the battlefield would become part of his wights army. Within the Free Valley, he was invincible.

Gong Huiyu didn’t believe that Gong Zhiyu would lose to Yan Luo Dian.

“Who knows?” Gong Qiang shrugged and walked out of the room. “Perhaps there was some accident. We can’t be certain.”

With that, Gong Qiang began amassing a bunch of men in black, instructing them to start their preparations.

The atmosphere within Zhai Xing Lou turned somewhat strange. They put everyone to action while Gong Huiyu remained in a daze in that room. No one knew what he was thinking.

Just as Zhai Xing Lou started their prep, two figures suddenly appeared outside Zhai Xing Lou.

Noticing their approach, the city guard immediately stepped forward to question their presence. However, he suddenly realized that one was a familiar figure.

“Second young master!” The black-clad guard stared in amazement at Gong Zhiyu even as he carefully saluted him.

Gong Zhiyu, who was supposed to be battling Yan Luo Dian, had suddenly appeared outside Zhai Xing Lou with none of the Zhai Xing Lou men. Instead, he was accompanied by a young- and delicate-looking girl.

Gong Zhiyu nodded but remained silent as he brought that young girl inside.

The black-clad guard didn’t dare to pose any obstruction, even though his mind was full of doubts.

“Why did second young master suddenly return?” The black-clad guard was puzzled, but his companion said, “Perhaps Yan Luo Dian has already been defeated. I said before that Yan Luo Dian thinks too highly of themselves, which is why they dared to challenge us. They didn’t realize how insignificant they are before our city lord.”

“I suppose so.”

The men in black stopped pondering over it after exchanging a few more words. They just waited for news of Yan Luo Dian’s destruction and Zhai Xing Lou’s complete reign over the entire Free Valley to be announced.

“This is Zhai Xing Lou?” Ji Fengyan followed Gong Zhiyu into the city. As she gazed about, she could feel that the atmosphere was extremely strange. It was obviously shrouded in a thick gold cultivation energy.

Gong Zhiyu nodded. He looked up at Zhai Xing Lou’s main tower—that demonic place which had nearly crushed him.

“Gong Qiang is inside there now. He should have already received news of my arrival. Are you ready?”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows with a smile.

“I need not carry out any preparations to handle him.”