The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 943 - The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (1)

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Chapter 943: The Final Battle With Zhai Xing Lou (1)

At Zhai Xing Lou, Gong Huiyu was sitting quietly inside Gong Qiang’s gold cultivation room. He looked on as Gong Qiang slowly disemboweled a youth with a scalpel. The thick smell of blood permeated the room, a smell which Gong Huiyu had already grown numb to.

“Hui Yu, human life is so fragile. You can take his life just by carving open his heart. This child is just ten years old and has a relatively high aptitude. If he survived today and would be properly groomed in the future, he should be a fit candidate for mental cultivation.” Gong Qiang removed the brain and placed it into a jar of liquid. He looked at the remnants of that completely disemboweled body with amused eyes.

“The difference between the so-called mind cultivators and physical cultivators lies in their meridians and brain.” Gong Qiang held up the jar containing the brain and scrutinized its myriad grooves with an obsessed look. “The nerve connections in a mind cultivator’s brain are stronger than others, while the meridians of a physical cultivator are stronger. A person who holds both is rare in this world… oh, your eldest brother is an exception. His mental and physical aptitudes are more powerful than the common man. He is that rare specimen of a human blessed with both mental and physical abilities.”

Gong Huiyu sat quietly by the side, as he watched a fresh life being slowly taken apart bit by bit. A chill ran deep into his bones as he stared at Gong Qiang seriously. Gong Huiyu’s eyes darkened on hearing Gong Qiang mention his eldest brother.

“Help me put this on the rack.” Gong Huiyu smiled. He appeared unconcerned about whether Gong Huiyu understood his meaning.

Gong Huiyu obediently did as he was told and placed the jar containing the freshly removed brain onto a rack. Multiple other glass jars were arranged all along that shelf, each holding various human organs. The liquid in those jars would ensure the preservation of those organs for hundreds of years. They were akin to trophies for Gong Qiang, displayed neatly in a row to signify his superb gold cultivation skills, and revealing his cruelty.

Gong Qiang took off his bloodstained gloves and walked to the side to pour himself a glass of wine. The dark-red wine swirled inside the golden cup. Leaning against the table, he propped one hand on its surface, while the other held his cup. He gazed at the dead boy as he slowly savored the flavors of the wine.

“Your second brother has been at battle for several days now. Yesterday, a messenger conveyed the news that they have already engaged the Yan Luo Dian side. Huiyu, do you think… your second brother can win this war?” Gong Qiang’s gaze landed on Gong Huiyu’s face.

Gong Huiyu shuddered slightly before replying, “Second brother has always carried out his assignments meticulously. Father has also gained a thorough understanding of the situation with Yan Luo Dian over all these years. In addition, father has dispatched half of the gold-cultivated monsters to aid the second brother. This battle should be a sure win.”

“Oh? Do you really think so?” Gong Qiang chuckled. There was no way to tell what he was thinking from his response.

Gong Huiyu nodded.

Gong Qiang suddenly laughed out loud. “You are still too young. Things are not as simple as you think. This Chi Tong fellow is formidable. He must have been very well-prepared to declare war against us. If our side was victorious, your second brother should have already sent word of his success by now, but…”