The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 942 - Live On (5)

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Chapter 942: Live On (5)

Gong Zhiyu looked in wonder at that holy creature. It stunned him, hearing its name.

“Rhinoceros Beast? Don’t tell me…”

When they returned from the Forest of Freedom, the Zhai Xing Lou men said that they had seen a rhinoceros beast captured by the Yan Luo Dian men. Both sides fought and Zhai Xing Lou emerged victor, but the rhinoceros beast had vanished by then.

Gong Qiang was both shocked and enraged by that incident. The rhinoceros beast was a major draw to him. If not because Yan Luo Dian had suddenly declared war, he would probably have sent out everyone to search through the Forest of Freedom.

Could it be…

Glancing at Gong Zhiyu, Ji Fengyan instantly knew what he was thinking. She nodded without reserve.

“This was the very one that Zhai Xing Lou and Yan Luo Dian were fighting over. But I fled with it.”

“…” Gong Zhiyu looked incredulous. He had guessed earlier that Yan Luo Dian had suddenly declared war against Zhai Xing Lou because of that rhinoceros beast incident. Although the beast had escaped, Yan Luo Dian still thought that it was “stolen by Zhai Xing Lou”.

Who knew…

This rhinoceros beast wasn’t with Zhai Xing Lou at all, but had been rescued by Ji Fengyan.

“Snap out of it and get into the lake now. Otherwise, with your current injuries, you are in no condition to join the battle.” Ji Fengyan urged.

Gong Zhiyu stopped mulling over it. Since he had already decided to cut ties with Zhai Xing Lou, this matter was no longer any concern of his.

Shedding his bloodstained outer garments, Gong Zhiyu entered the Moonlight Lake. The cooling waters enveloped his entire body, but he did not feel the least bit chilly. Instead, it brought a warmth to his fatigued body.

This change startled Gong Zhiyu.

“You lucked out this time. Most people would never have the fortune of healing their injuries in this Moonlight Lake,” Ji Fengyan said with a smile. Even for her, she had the chance to soak in the waters only after making a deal with the rhinoceros beast. This time, the beast did not reject Gong Zhiyu. It appeared that Ji Fengyan’s judgment of his character was correct. Gong Zhiyu was pure of heart.

Gong Zhiyu gave a bitter laugh, knowing that this happened only because of Ji Fengyan by his side. Although he was curious how Ji Fengyan communicated with this rhinoceros beast, he quietened down his heart and concentrated on receiving the healing powers of the Moonlight Lake.

“Ji Fengyan, thank you.” Gong Zhiyu looked at her as he expressed his deepest gratitude.

She could have saved herself the trouble and just killed him.

But she once again showed him mercy.

Ji Fengyan smiled. “If you really want to thank me, live on. I have spent so much energy and don’t wish for you to die halfway. Otherwise, all my efforts would have been wasted?”

Gong Zhiyu was slightly startled, but couldn’t help smiling at Ji Fengyan’s teasing tone. Knowing that she was purposely doing this to help him relax, he didn’t say another word but just kept his gratitude firmly in his heart.

[Your friend is very sad.] The rhinoceros beast was watching Gong Zhiyu as it laid by the lake.

It had been a long time since it saw such a battered soul. Looking as if it would completely disintegrate any second.

Ji Fengyan nodded, even as she smiled with optimism.

“Things will get better. One day, he will shed his misery and live a new life.”

And before that, she would personally annihilate the source of all that misery.

In three days’ time, there would no longer be any Zhai Xing Lou or Gong Qiang in this world.

She swore on the honor of an immortal cultivator!

[Mini theatre]

Mou Bei: Eldest brother was truly tragic. Little Yu is also very pitiful.

Little crazy brat: Who wrote all this!

Mou Bei: …