The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 933 - Human Sacrifice (2)

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Chapter 933: Human Sacrifice (2)

Ji Fengyan had also noticed that man. Despite the wizened flesh, she could still tell from his bone structure that he was a man of about 30 years of age. A strange aura surrounded this person and it was this energy that permeated the entire body of the giant soldier god.

Ji Fengyan finally understood how gold cultivator Gong Qiang could resurrect a giant soldier god, so it seems…

He had directly replaced the crystal core of the giant soldier god with a living human!

A sense of anger burned within Ji Fengyan. This kind of human sacrifice, this method of making use of others for his own gains—totally enraged Ji Fengyan.

The person trapped inside the giant soldier god would not die, but was probably wishing for death. They had trapped him inside the giant soldier god for goodness knows how long, his body shriveled like a corpse and with no sense of awareness or any cognitive function. It was just a puppet used as a power source. Day and night, his soul had been subjected to immense pain and torment, with no hope of release. The power of the giant soldier god was built upon his suffering.

Fury flashed across Ji Fengyan’s eyes. Evil-vanquishing sword in hand, she suddenly sprung towards the open chest of that giant soldier god.

Before that giant soldier god moved, she had her own giant soldier god trap its shoulders. With a flick of her wrist, she cut off the chains binding that man with her sword!

The screeching sound of metal on metal stung everyone’s ears. One by one, the chains of torment were cut off and fell out of the giant soldier god’s chest onto the ground beside Gong Zhiyu’s feet.

Watching the falling chains, Gong Zhiyu raised his head and saw clearly the desecrated man trapped inside the giant soldier god.

At that instant…

Gong Zhiyu’s eyes widened as a massive shock tore through his calm demeanor.

His heart in turmoil, he was no longer able to hold on to his necromancer’s magic staff. A powerful counter-damage force surged into his soul. He stepped back with a pale face as blood gushed violently out of his mouth.


His eyes remained fixed on that chained body.

How could this be!

Gong Zhiyu’s wights summoning spell was broken and those newly resurrected wights immediately disintegrated. The green smog covering their corpses also dissipated. Without any more energy to support them, the wights fell upon the ground as they finally departed in peace.

As the chains broke, the trapped man gave a slight shiver. When the last chain was cut off, he was finally free of the endless torment he had endured inside the giant soldier god. His body slowly started falling.

Ji Fengyan reached out to catch him, but another figure was one step ahead of her!

Gong Zhiyu had dashed out of nowhere and leaped up to catch that ruined man firmly in his embrace. Losing power after his jump, he started to fall violently to the ground. Nevertheless, Gong Zhiyu used his own body to cushion the man from the impact of the fall.

A heavy thud rang out as blood spurted from Gong Zhiyu’s mouth upon the intense crash.

Meanwhile, that person in his arms looked dead. Unmoving, his eyes remained tightly shut upon his wizened face.