The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 932 - Human Sacrifice (1)

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Chapter 932: Human Sacrifice (1)

Corpses dragging along the remnants of their desecrated souls crawled out from the ground. Permeated in a cloud of green smog, these were wights resurrected with the souls of the dead.

A catastrophe was imminent.

They could no longer afford to wait!

“Linghe, have them pull back! Don’t engage those wights!” Ji Fengyan took a deep breath and passed down the order. These people had no experience in fighting a wight army. Anyone who died at the hands of a wight would end up being a wight himself.

A wight was a soul vessel and could not be killed without special powers. This dreadful creature was a nightmare on the battlefield.

There was only one way to end this.

Ji Fengyan gripped the evil-vanquishing sword tightly and led her giant soldier god in another attack.

Only by breaking the spell that summoned those wights would the souls be able to depart in peace.

This was a war that had to be fought.

Ji Fengyan had never experienced such a battle. A desperately painful struggle, but one where there was no other choice.

Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god was fiercely protecting Gong Zhiyu. The aura of death thickened as the Heavenly Courts’ giant soldier god attacked it in a frenzy, causing a significant amount of damage to its body. Nevertheless, the Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god didn’t budge an inch.

Broken shards fell off the body of the giant soldier god, as that massive figure—once a symbol of the power of the Free Valley—started disintegrating. As those shattered pieces fell by Gong Zhiyu’s feet, every clattering sound was a knock against his heart.

He held onto his necromancer magic staff with a quivering hand until his fingers turned white. Blood continued to drip down from the palm carved with the hexagon.

Suddenly, the Heavenly Courts’ giant soldier god punched right into the chest of the Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god.

This was the key weakness of a giant soldier god. Hidden within their chest cavity was the core of all their powers.

A crisp cracking sounded out amidst the chaos. Fissures spread out from its chest area as large pieces of broken stone dropped off.

It was a fatal blow.

But then…

The chest of the Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god cracked open to reveal a shocking sight!

There was no sign of any energy core inside that chest cavity. Instead, a ravaged human body was being bound by countless chains inside.

It was not something that could even be called a human.

Emaciated limbs bearing suture scars all over its shriveled skin could be seen. The metal chains had been threaded directly into his flesh and bone—at the thigh, arms and chest areas—looking like nerves connecting that man to the giant soldier god.

That person was like a corpse. His hair had been completely shaved off, and his entire head and body carved with curses in black ink.

“What… what is that…” Linghe stared dumbfounded at the person chained up inside the giant soldier god. He simply couldn’t believe his own eyes.

Ji Fengyan had opened up the chest of the giant soldier god before, and he had seen that crystal core inside. But… Zhai Xing Lou’s giant soldier god actually held a human body inside. What was happening!