The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 922 - To The Point Of No Retreat (3)

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Chapter 922: To The Point Of No Retreat (3)

“Never expected Heavenly Courts to join the battle. We must look like jokes to you.”

That warm, gentle voice drifted out of the horse carriage. Ji Fengyan immediately recognized the owner of that voice.

Gong Zhiyu.

Ji Fengyan’s gaze shifted a little, but her expression remained the same.

“Zhai Xing Lou has been behaving willfully in the Free Valley for long enough. I have yet to seek revenge for your previous jaunt at my Heavenly Courts—how could I miss out on such an interesting event as today’s?” Ji Fengyan chuckled.

“Heavenly Courts intends to help Yan Luo Dian then?” Gong Zhiyu spoke up again.

Ji Fengyan replied, “That’s right.”

“I got it.” Gong Zhiyu’s words appeared to hold a tinge of sadness.

Gong Zhiyu smiled as he watched Ji Fengyan from his horse carriage. His smile conveyed both a sense of helplessness and anguish, but also a sliver of relief.

Slowly, Gong Zhiyu took out a long, slender silver dagger. That dagger was crafted exquisitely and looked more like a spike. Two venomous snakes curved around the handle towards the tip of the dagger. Red, teardrop-shaped jewels formed the eyes of each snake.

Gong Zhiyu gazed at this exquisite dagger with a bitter look. Following that, he pierced his own palm with the tip of the dagger. Blood flowed out of the wound, but he appeared oblivious to the pain, steadily moving the dagger across his palm.

A bloody hexagon was carved directly into his palm.

The faint smell of blood wafted out of the horse carriage, but was covered by the overly-pungent bloodbath from the outside battle.

Meanwhile, the Zhai Xing Lou men were nervously vigilant, prepared to defend against Ji Fengyan’s attack.

Duanmu Hongru walked out from the crowd and stood before Ji Fengyan. The leader from Yan Luo Dian made the introductions, and Ji Fengyan realized that this man was the commander of Yan Luo Dian’s massive army.

“I am grateful beyond words. I wonder…” Duanmu Hongru wanted to say something to Ji Fengyan but didn’t know how to address her. He was after all the deputy city lord of Yan Luo Dian and it would be inappropriate for him to call her queen.

“My family name is Ji,” Ji Fengyan said.

“City Lord Ji,” Duanmu Hongru politely said, “Many thanks. But Zhai Xing Lou has quite a number of tricks up its sleeves . Although the gold-cultivated monsters have all been destroyed, we must remain cautious. According to our sources, apart from the gold-cultivated monsters, Zhai Xing Lou still has another trump card.”

“Do you know what that is?” Ji Fengyan asked in all seriousness.

Duanmu Hongru shook his head. “I have only heard vague news on it, all unconfirmed. In reality… I dare not vouch for anything. After all, our earlier reports had placed the number of gold-cultivated monsters at only a few thousand.”

It was only because of their reports, which placed the number of gold-cultivated monsters at a few thousand, that Yan Luo Dian had declared war against Zhai Xing Lou after learning that Ji Fengyan had destroyed those power soldiers. They had wanted to take advantage of the fact that Gong Qiang would not have enough time to manufacture enough gold-cultivated monsters to replace them yet.

They never expected to have miscalculated so badly.

Ji Fengyan nodded. She was rather curious as to what other tricks Zhai Xing Lou had.

At that moment, a strong vibration rocked the ground beneath their feet. A tremendous figure suddenly rose up from a pile of huge rocks in the valley. That body was so massive that it could block out the sun.