The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 921 - To The Point Of No Retreat (2)

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Chapter 921: To The Point Of No Retreat (2)

“Zhai Xing Lou?” Seated upon Bai Ze, Ji Fengyan raised an eyebrow at those panic-stricken men in black.

“They are not that good.”

Such audacious words, but coming from Ji Fengyan, no one doubted her bold claim.

As the holder of such absolute power, this was her right.

No one could stop her, and no one would dare to even try.

The Zhai Xing Lou men were looking utterly grim. They had thought their greatest enemy in the Free Valley was Yan Luo Dian, and they could command the entire valley once Yan Luo Dian fell. Whether it was called Fu Guang City or Heavenly Courts, that city had been a mere sacrificial lamb in their eyes—something that could be easily killed off anytime once Yan Luo Dian was gone.

But unexpectedly…

The heavens had fooled them all. They had accurately accounted for Yan Luo Dian, but miscalculated Ji Fengyan.

“What? Is there nothing else to play with?” Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows at the Zhai Xing Lou men.

The few thousand men in black were dumbstruck by Ji Fengyan’s sneering words. Their faces had gone white as sheets, while it filled their eyes with terror and unease.

Where the hell did this teenage girl come from!?

How could there be such a diabolical monster in this world!

The rescued Yan Luo Dian men finally relaxed. Taking advantage of this lull, the priests hurriedly treated the wounds of the injured, while Duanmu Hongru continued staring unwavering at Ji Fengyan.

He never expected that the cooperation with Heavenly Courts, which his city lord had sought for on a whim, had become Yan Luo Dian’s saving grace.

He had harbored little hopes for Heavenly Courts. If Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had been equally matched, the addition of Heavenly Courts might have been useful. But the moment Yan Luo Dian was reeling from Zhai Xing Lou’s vicious attack—it no longer mattered whether or not Heavenly Courts joined the battle.

But now…

Duanmu Hongru finally realized his own mistake. And it was a huge mistake.

Not even taking into account the rest of Heavenly Courts, just the power of that new “queen” was the mightiest that Duanmu Hongru had ever witnessed!

What was even more shocking to Duanmu Hongru was Ji Fengyan’s age. She looked only about 15 to 16 years old. Even a naturally gifted top prodigy like his city lord could not possibly have held such unearthly powers in his youth.

The massive gold-cultivated monsters of Zhai Xing Lou were but a bunch of ants in her hands. They never even got the chance to retaliate.

Duanmu Hongru had never been more grateful for Chi Tong’s wise decision.

If not for Heavenly Courts and Ji Fengyan, they would have all perished there and then. And the moment this Yan Luo Dian troop was destroyed, the Zhai Xing Lou men would have advanced onwards—the annihilation of the entire Yan Luo Dian city would have happened sooner or later.

None of the Zhai Xing Lou men dared to respond to Ji Fengyan’s challenge. If not for the cruel punishment that Zhai Xing Lou had in store for traitors, there would probably be several people fleeing in fear.

At that moment, everyone at Zhai Xing Lou had placed their hopes on Gong Zhiyu.

Just as the atmosphere became increasingly unbearable, Gong Zhiyu finally spoke up from his horse carriage.