The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 920 - To The Point Of No Retreat (1)

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Chapter 920: To The Point Of No Retreat (1)

Under Ji Fengyan’s lead, the thousands of Heavenly Courts men donning silver, scaled armour charged into the battlefield. They promptly placed themselves before the Yan Luo Dian troop, effectively shielding them and facing the few thousand Zhai Xing Lou men left!

The Zhai Xing Lou men, who had been ridiculing Heavenly Courts earlier, were in total panic now. Hundreds of thousands of gold-cultivated monsters had perished in the blink of an eye. This battle outcome was something that they could never have even dreamed of.

Looking at the men whom they had earlier viewed as just a bunch of ragtags not even worth mentioning—the Zhai Xing Lou troop felt fear for the first time.

In their panic, the men in black hurried back to Gong Zhiyu for help.

“Second young master! Fu… Fu Guang City…”

“They are now called Heavenly Courts.” Gong Zhiyu’s mild voice drifted out of the horse carriage.

The men in black were momentarily stunned, before recalling that Fu Guang City had recently changed their name. The city gates now held the two words “Heavenly Courts”. They had dismissed that name and felt that Fu Guang City was just messing around.

Never did they imagine…

Now, they had been given one tooth-shattering slap across the face by Heavenly Courts.

“What are we to do now? Fu- Heavenly Courts’ new ruler seems pretty powerful. She… she actually destroyed our army of gold-cultivated monsters.” The men in black were in a real frenzy. Not even Chi Tong himself could have caused such alarm to them.

Countless lightning bolts had descended from the sky with just one wave of that teenage girl’s sword. Nobody knew whether the lightning strikes were a coincidence or were conjured by that girl.

As much as they hated to admit it, they felt the latter was more likely.

After all…

Under such a dense wave of lightning strikes—only Zhai Xing Lou’s gold-cultivated monsters had been killed. No one from Yan Luo Dian was the least bit injured.

It would be hard to believe that it was all a coincidence.

The formerly arrogant men in black were thoroughly terrified. They knew better than anyone else just how powerful the gold-cultivated monsters were. And it was solely because of that power that enabled those men in black to be fearless.


Now, their backing had failed.

Gong Zhiyu didn’t immediately offer a response. His handsome face held a helpless and bitter smile as he watched Ji Fengyan through the window blinds.

She was always full of surprises.

Recalling his first meeting with her at Ji City, she was teaching a lesson to a bunch of bullies just then.

Such a petite girl, yet possessing such an immense power.

Gong Zhiyu’s gaze slowly lowered as his bitter smile faded. He spoke up blandly. “Don’t go head-to-head with them. You are not their match.”

The men in black were nearly in tears, they didn’t need Gong Zhiyu to tell them that. They were well aware that they were no match for that bunch of monsters from Heavenly Courts. They might have stood a good chance at victory against Yan Luo Dian, but to face a power that could annihilate hundreds of thousands of gold-cultivated monsters in a split second—no amount of courage would push them onto that one-way road to hell.


The upper hand of the battle no longer rested in Zhai Xing Lou’s hands. From the moment Ji Fengyan arrived, the battle winds had blown in her favor. Even if Zhai Xing Lou wished to surrender now, they had already reached the point of no retreat.