The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 919 - Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (5)

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Chapter 919: Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (5)


The sound of thunder that blasted the horizon apart also shattered their eardrums!

On the battlefield, the deafening rumble of thunder shocked everyone from Yan Luo Dian to the crowd from Zhai Xing Lou that were on the sidelines!

In an instant, countless lightning bolts fell from the sky. In an instant, the thickly strewn lightning bolts criss-crossed the ground where blood mingled with water!

The gold-cultivated monsters that had been attacking wildly did not realize that disaster was imminent!

The bolts of lightning fell unerringly on each gold-cultivated monster.

The powerful lighting instantly penetrated the leathery skin and thick flesh of the gold-cultivated monsters. Roars, like that of wild beasts, immediately filled the battlefield!

“Impossible!!!” The man in black from Zhai Xing Lou stared disbelievingly at the scene before him. He could not believe his eyes!

Tens of thousands of lightning bolts instantly struck the equally many gold-cultivated monsters. Bolts of dark blue lightning sent strong currents through their entire bodies. No matter how strong their defensive capabilities were, they could not withstand this punishment that fell from heaven!

The members of Yan Luo Dian who had been bravely fighting the gold-cultivated monsters were immediately stunned. The gold-cultivated monsters, which had ferociously pounced on them, were penetrated by lightning in a blink of an eye. With a speed visible to the naked eye, their strong bodies turned black. Their skin that split opened, revealing many wounds.

All the gold-cultivated monsters were instantly slaughtered without being able to resist!

Who could have imagined that the tens of thousands of gold-cultivated monsters that Zhai Xing Lou was so proud of would be completely annihilated in an instant!

The charred bodies collapsed silently on the bloodstained ground. Their large bodies were wrapped in skins that had been charred black by lightning. They had not even detonated themselves.

What kind of… supernatural power was this?

Everyone was completely dumbstruck by what they saw.

The leader from Yan Luo Dian was so shocked that his jaw dropped. He looked in shock at Ji Fengyan, who was using the evil-vanquishing sword in her hand to control the lightning. The petite figure seemed to transcend everything he knew about human power.

Such immense, shocking, power!

“I told you, our mistress always keeps her word.” Linghe looked at Ji Fengyan’s figure proudly, his heart filled with excitement and pride.

Who would have thought that the little pitiful girl, who had been bullied by the Ji Family in the past, would one day be this indomitable figure that flabbergasted everyone?

So much for Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou. In the eyes of his mistress, they were mere ants or crickets!

Linghe sensed that Ji Fengyan’s powers had grown since her first trip to the Forest of Freedom. Right now, these insignificant gold-cultivated monsters could never be a match for her.

The situation on the battlefield transformed rapidly. Just a moment ago, Yan Luo Dian had faced utter defeat. But now, they retreated under the cover of the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck. Instead, it was Zhai Xing Lou’s carefully constructed gold-cultivated monsters that were completely destroyed. They were all sent to hell by the Five-Blow-Thunderstruck.

After the lightning dissipated, Ji Fengyan slowly withdrew the evil-vanquishing sword in her hand, then turned to look at the Heavenly Soldiers behind her. “Now, Heavenly Soldiers, join the battle!”

She would not allow her newly cultivated strength to battle that bunch of monsters. The soldiers under her were much rarer than those gold-cultivated monsters.

Ji Fengyan’s laughing words entered everyone’s ears. At that moment, wild roars erupted from all the people from the Heavenly Courts!

“Heavenly Soldiers, join the battle!”