The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 918 - Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (4)

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Chapter 918: Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (4)

The leader was completely panic-stricken. He would never have imagined that the troops from Zhai Xing Lou would be so powerful. If the battle wore on, all the men from Yan Luo Dian would be dead in a short while!

They could wait no longer!

Right now, someone needed to rescue the men from Yan Luo Dian!

Ji Fengyan looked at the leader kneeling before her and drew a deep breath. Her gaze fell on the gold-cultivated monsters and she mentally recalled the news related to these gold-cultivated monsters.

With just a glance, Ji Fengyan could already gauge the fighting ability of the men from Yan Luo Dian. Frankly, their fighting ability was on par with, if not stronger than, the Heavenly Soldiers. However, they had been beaten by the gold-cultivated monsters to a point where they could no longer fight back.

If the Heavenly Soldiers, who had only been cultivating for a month, were to join the battle, the conclusion was… foregone.

Ji Fengyan instantly decided. She dropped her gaze and gave Linghe a look. Linghe immediately dismounted and pulled up the leader from Yan Luo Dian.

“Don’t worry. Once our mistress has given her word, she will keep it. Get up.” At that moment, Linghe also felt rather uncomfortable. Along the way, he had chatted with the leader. He had easily perceived that the men from Yan Luo Dian all had the firmness of purpose of army men. This caused Linghe to feel they were kindred spirits.

He could well understand the agitation that the leader must be experiencing.

Which soldier could bear to see his own brothers slaughtered before his eyes!

The leader’s rigid body was hauled up by Linghe. He looked at Ji Fengyan pleadingly.

The group of Heavenly Soldiers behind Ji Fengyan were also rubbing their hands together, eager to join the fray. When they saw Zhai Xing Lou’s arrogance, they also could not wait to go all out.

“Queen, shall we also have a go?”

“We can’t let our comrades from Yan Luo Dian suffer alone. We must also do our part.”

This group of hot-blooded men were raring to go.

But Ji Fengyan swept a glance at them and said, “This time, all of you watch from the sidelines. If anyone dares to act impetuously, I won’t let him off.”

Ji Fengyan’s words took everyone by surprise.

Did the Queen mean they were forbidden to fight?

The leader from Yan Luo Dian also panicked.

However, Ji Fengyan suddenly brought Bai Ze, and took a step forward. As she looked at the battlefield before her, her eyes narrowed. She suddenly held the evil-vanquishing sword in her hand aloft. Her wrist flicked deftly and beams of light suddenly appeared from mid-air, and then suddenly vanished again.

The men from Zhai Xing Lou saw from afar that Ji Fengyan had advanced a short way alone, but had done nothing except wave her sword at the sky. In a moment, they all burst out laughing.

“What’s that, is that the leader of that useless bunch? Are they joking? What can a young teen-aged girl do?”

“I’m so scared, she’s so good at waving her sword at the sky…”

The group of men laughed without restraint. However, as they were mocking the scene before them, a patch of dark clouds suddenly appeared in the horizon, where the sun was shining brightly. The patch of dark clouds gathered above the battlefield and obstructed the sunlight, casting shadows on the ground.

The rumble of thunder sounded from the layers of clouds. The sound caused the mocking crowd from Zhai Xing Lou to receive a sharp shock.

What was going on?

When the crowd from the Heavenly Courts saw the large thunderclouds, their eyes shone with worship and excitement.

You little brats from Zhai Xing Lou!

Meet your death!