The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 916 - Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (2)

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Chapter 916: Heavenly Soldiers Join The Battle (2)

At that moment, the sharp sound of a horn suddenly tore through their despair, and rang in their ears.

The moment the horn rang out, everyone on the battlefield involuntarily raised their heads and looked towards the source of the sound.

On the side of the battlefield, alight with the fires of war, an orderly troop suddenly appeared in everyone’s sight.

Duanmu Hongru looked in shock at the troop of strange soldiers that had suddenly appeared. A flag with the words “Heavenly Soldiers” written on it appeared before his eyes.

Against the light, their silver scaled-armor reflected the rays of the sun. Everyone in the troop seemed to be shrouded by an unreal halo.

“Are those… the men from Fu Guang City?” The deputy also raised his head and looked in shock at the troop of soldiers that were dressed in silver scaled-armor.

Was that really the troop from Fu Guang City?

The deputy could hardly believe his eyes. Previously, it had been the devil-masked man who had acted as leader when interacting with Fu Guang City. After their first visit to Fu Guang City to discuss the alliance, the leader and the devil-masked men had said that the current Fu Guang City was very different, and had been renamed Heavenly Courts.

But the deputy had felt that no matter how much Fu Guang City changed, they could not change its nature. No matter how powerful the new leader was, he could not possibly raise the standards of an entire city of people within the short time-span of one month.

But now…

The deputy felt that his assumption had been wrong.

The troop that appeared in his line of vision was not in any way inferior to Yan Luo Dian’s troops in terms of appearance and bearing. No one could believe that this was the motley crew originally from Fu Guang City.

“Elder Brother Duanmu, we are saved!” Hope involuntarily rose in the deputy’s heart.

Although Duanmu Hongru was shocked by the aura of this troop of Heavenly Soldiers from the Heavenly Courts, he was not so optimistic. His thinking was more rigorous. Although he was impressed by the transformation in this group of people, he knew that people needed time to change, and even then, the change was limited. To completely change an entire city of people within the short span of one month was nearly impossible.

The arrival of the men from the Heavenly Courts might take some pressure off Yan Luo Dian, but… as long as they could not destroy the gold-cultivated monsters, the crisis would remain.

Duanmu Hongru was not the only one who saw the men from the Heavenly Courts appear. The men from Zhai Xing Lou had also seen the troop fight their way forward. At first, they thought that Yan Luo Dian’s reinforcements had arrived. But upon closer inspection, they laughed.

“What, it’s actually that useless bunch from Fu Guang City.” The man in black disdainfully raised his chin. He thought that Yan Luo Dian had some reserves. He had not imagined that they would actually seek help from that motley crew from Fu Guang City. What a joke.

“Why has that pile of rubbish from Fu Guang City come here? Have they hurried over to meet their deaths? What a joke. I think Yan Luo Dian must have been at their wits’ end to run to Fu Guang City for help. What kind of battle strength could that bunch of idiots have.”

The group of men in black were not at all agitated by the appearance of the crowd from the Heavenly Courts. In fact, they thought it was funny.

Yan Luo Dian might still have some battle strength, but Fu Guang City?

They were here to meet their deaths.


When Gong Zhiyu looked over the chaotic battlefield and saw a young girl in silver armor, mounted on a white deer, he received a violent shock. The hands resting on his legs clenched involuntarily.

She had come after all…