The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 914 - The Land Of The Giant Eagle (4)

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Chapter 914: The Land Of The Giant Eagle (4)

Trapped in the chaos of battle, the Yan Luo Dian men could not avoid the thick venomous vapors. Meanwhile, those gold-cultivated monsters already had poison in their systems and were unaffected by the fumes.

The gold-cultivated monsters were the trump card of Zhai Xing Lou. This fear-inducing troop were massive killing machines which brought damage to their opponents even in death.

The sorcerers finally completed their chants. Streaks of fireballs and lightning shot out of their magic staffs, barreling towards the gold-cultivated monsters.

The sorcerers’ attack dealt more damage to these gold-cultivated monsters. They engulfed the power soldiers in flames the moment those huge fireballs struck them, after which the lightning turned those blazing power soldiers to ashes. But as the power soldiers collapsed, their bodies suddenly exploded, spraying their strongly acidic blood in all directions. The people nearby all experienced the horror of that blood.

Even the hardest armour melted off when in contact with that blood.

Duanmu Hongru’s heart bled for his Yan Luo Dian brothers. They had fought and lived together. Now, they were being slaughtered by those gold-cultivated monsters. Using their own flesh and blood to defend against Zhai Xing Lou’s monsters was just too difficult.

Only now did Duanmu Hongru finally realize why Zhai Xing Lou had been so fearless all these years, but made no major moves. In reality, they had been secretly amassing their power.

According to information reports gathered by Yan Luo Dian, Zhai Xing Lou should not have possessed that many gold-cultivated monsters. But the number of those creatures on the battlefield today was over three times the amount in their reports!

And this did not include the thousands that perished at Fu Guang City earlier.

At this moment, Duanmu Hongru felt an unprecedented pressure. Luckily Fu Guang City had destroyed a few thousand power soldiers during that earlier battle, otherwise they would not have stood the slightest chance today.

Even so, Yan Luo Dian was now mired in a bitter war.

Faced with a bunch of gold-cultivated monsters who knew no fear or death, it greatly reduced the effectiveness of their attacks. Even more depressing was the fact that those few thousand black-clad men had yet to join the battle. Those men were part of Zhai Xing Lou’s personal army. Up to this point, they had yet to enter the battlegrounds, but stood at the side in observance.

These gold-cultivated monsters alone were enough to drag Yan Luo Dian down into dire straits.

The Yan Luo Dian troops gradually retreated under the attack of the gold-cultivated monsters. The sorcerers continued to chant, drawing upon their dwindling magical energy. But the number of gold-cultivated monsters was just too overwhelming. Although their sorcery could cause damage to those monsters, it was just not enough.

Fresh blood splattered all over the battlegrounds. One by one, the Yan Luo Dian men dropped to the floor. The sorcerers’ magical energy had been drained, while countless riders and swordsmen had perished at the front line. The archers were also nearly out of arrows. They had pushed Yan Luo Dian to the brink and a total collapse was imminent.

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Duanmu Hongru stole a glance at the chaotic battlefield even as he was forcing back a gold-cultivated monster with his lance. Yan Luo Dian had suffered heavy losses on the front line, and the slaughter-fest would soon reach the sorcerers and archers at the back. The priests had been pouring in all their energies to their magic staff, sending beams of holy light to those soldiers still fighting, in desperate hopes of saving the situation.