The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 912 - The Land Of The Giant Eagle (2)

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Chapter 912: The Land Of The Giant Eagle (2)

As he spoke, a dense black shadow gradually appeared before the Yan Luo Dian congregation.

Duanmu Hongru immediately kept silent and looked sharply towards the troop marching towards the Land Of The Giant Eagle.

Shadowy figures of bird-like beasts flitted across the sky, their shrill cries piercing the ears of the Yan Luo Dian men. That sound was strident and ear-splitting.

A flag with a hexagram emblem suddenly appeared in Duanmu Hongru’s line of sight. His gaze hardened.

The Zhai Xing Lou men have finally arrived.

Hundreds of gold-cultivated beasts as huge as elephants were at the forefront of Zhai Xing Lou’s troops. Their appearance was very bizarre—rhinoceros horns grew on their noses and their entire bodies were covered in a tough, dark gray hide. A few metal chains were looped around their neck area as they marched with heavy steps, dragging along a battle vehicle. The vehicle was filled to the brim with brawny power soldiers. Disgusting saliva oozed between their sharp fangs and dribbled down their gaping mouths.

Behind the armoured battle vehicles was a herd of two-meter tall, slender monsters covered all over in bony spikes. The layer of spikes was so dense that they looked like fur, making a clacking sound as the monsters moved.

Black colored gold-cultivated monsters also dominated the skies. Ten times the size of wasps, they each had a pair of thin, insect-like wings and poisoned stingers at their rear ends.

Right behind this congregation of gold-cultivated creatures were the black-garbed soldiers of Zhai Xing Lou. A horse carriage stood out amongst the huge army.

Duanmu Hongru’s heart sank as he watched that army full of vigor and aggressive energy.

“Giant rhinoceros, power soldiers, stinging wasps, skeletal zombies… Zhai Xing Lou has really gone all out this time.” Duanmu Hongru’s lips curled up in a cold smile. The four gold-cultivated beasts were the trump cards of Zhai Xing Lou. Each team was enough to annihilate a whole city—and Zhai Xing Lou had mobilized all four this time. They were obviously ready to battle to the death with Yan Luo Dian.

Duanmu Hongru’s gaze gradually landed on that horse carriage among the troops. If he was right, Gong Zhiyu should be sitting inside.

“Prepare for battle.” Duanmu Hongru commanded. His massive army immediately raised their weapons.

Riders at the front, followed by the swordsmen, and then the sorcerers and archers. Yan Luo Dian’s formation was extremely tight and was the most effective arrangement in a major war. Using the riders’ and swordsmen’s powerful bodies to protect the sorcerers and archers, while keeping the weaker priests hidden in various corners to provide support.

The assistant stared unwavering at the Zhai Xing Lou troops the moment the battle started. He asked Duanmu Hongru in a low voice, “Boss Duanmu, Fu Guang City has not arrived yet. Should we wait?”

Duanmu Hongru frowned, but eventually shook his head.

“Zhai Xing Lou will not allow us any waiting time. Rather than a sitting duck, we should strike first. The city lord has already sent a messenger to contact Fu Guang City. As long as they didn’t betray us, they should be here soon.”

They could no longer afford to wait. Instead, they should take advantage of this time to engage Zhai Xing Lou in a bitter fight. By the time Fu Guang City arrives, Zhai Xing Lou will be weakened and outnumbered, and they will be ready for the kill!

“Yes!” The assistant answered.

Duanmu Hongru promptly raised the lance in his hands.

“For the honor of Yan Luo Dian. Kill!”