The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 910 - An Intense Battle (4)

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Chapter 910: An Intense Battle (4)

This was the Heavenly Courts’ army?

Truly terrifying.

The leader from Yan Luo Dian had followed Chi Tong for many years and managed many of Chi Tong’s military affairs. Consequently, he was rather well-versed in matters concerning army troops. He had always been proud of the Yan Luo Dian’s troops, believing them to be the most disciplined in the entire Free Valley.


The Heavenly Courts troops were as good as the Yan Luo Dian men. Their faces were firm and full of fighting spirit. Wearing their uniform silver, scaled armour, they looked majestic and dominating. If one didn’t know better, he would have mistaken them to be the official soldiers of some nation. No one would have believed that just one month earlier, they were just a bunch of lowlifes living in the Free Valley.

What kind of power could have unified this scattered group in such a short period of time?

The leader instinctively raised his head to see a young teenage girl wearing a silver, scaled armour, with a lifelike dragon head carved on the shoulder plate. A silver-white mantle fluttered in the wind, contrasting nicely with her long, black hair.

Ji Fengyan was riding upon Bai Ze. On the left and right of that elegant and divine white deer were the vicious night demonic wolf king Ge Lang and the sharp-eyed Xiao Tianquan.

The leader’s eyes widened involuntarily. Somehow, the powerful aura emanating from Ji Fengyan felt exactly like that of Chi Tong’s. It was the dominating presence possessed by a commander of a massive army!

How was this possible?

The leader subconsciously shook his head.

No matter how good Ji Fengyan was, she could not possibly hold the same experience as Chi Tong. Chi Tong was a true-born commander who became a general from a young age!

Just as the leader’s mind was swirling with multiple thoughts, Ji Fengyan had already ridden Bai Ze before the congregation.

As her right-hand men, Meng Fusheng and Linghe followed close behind. Perhaps the two were influenced by Ji Fengyan’s demeanor, but they could feel that the atmosphere today was rather unusual.

“From today onwards, you are all Heavenly soldiers. We must emerge victorious in this war, defeat will not be tolerated. If any of you besmears the reputation of Heavenly Courts, I will hang your bodies on the city walls as a warning.” Ji Fengyan proclaimed.

“Yes!” The congregation shouted in unison. That rousing energy electrified the air, as their thunderous cries rang out.

The leader from Yan Luo Dian was stunned by the men under Ji Fengyan. He subconsciously scanned the crowd, but failed to spot that tall man always in scaled armour and holding a strange weapon, and who was always not far behind Ji Fengyan.

A pure white flag was raised high up in the air. A dragon was drawn on it with silver ink. Below the dragon were the two words, Heavenly soldiers.

Heavenly soldiers?

Such an audacious claim.

The leader felt that this bunch of folks must have gone mad. But it was a madness that was astounding.

Ji Fengyan suddenly drew out her evil-vanquishing sword and pointed it to the sky. “Set off!”

“Roar!” Thunderous shouts filled the air as the thousands of Heavenly Courts men marched out. Under Ji Fengyan’s lead, they stepped energetically out of the front gates of the city.

At the same time, Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou had just started their final, decisive battle. In just a few days, the winds of change blowing throughout the Free Valley were about to shift again. The results were unknown, but there was one thing that everyone could be certain of.

The victors would live while the defeated would perish.

This was the route that everyone under the three powers of the Free Valley had forged with their own lives. Who would see it to the end?

Wait and see.