The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 909 - An Intense Battle (3)

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Chapter 909: An Intense Battle (3)

After Ji Fengyan decided to cooperate with Yan Luo Dian, she already had the people of Heavenly Courts start preparing. During that period, they had forged quite a number of armour and weapons for the war.

The moment they passed the news on, everybody in the city rallied.

The formerly suppressed residents of Fu Guang City all held an unresolved grudge. They had never openly went against the other two powers because of the cautiousness of the Blood Tribe. But under Ji Fengyan’s lead, Fu Guang City had transformed into Heavenly Courts. Over the past month, the residents have been practicing the art of cultivation and felt their capabilities enhanced. In addition, Ji Fengyan had prepared for them many wondrous instruments. They now possessed an urgent desire to showcase their new might in the Free Valley.

The people immediately started getting busy.

As the leader from Yan Luo Dian walked along the streets of Heavenly Courts, he could feel a change in the city’s atmosphere. The crowd out about the streets had thinned out as the people all headed to one of several designated locations. He couldn’t resist going along to look. He saw a bunch of Heavenly Courts residents standing before a large shop, each of them receiving a thick stack of scaled armour.

Those armour instantly attracted the attention of the leader.

In this world, the people usually used armour made of chain mail or thick metal plates. These two types of armour were very effective against swords, but held an obvious flaw.

That was its weight…

Regardless of chain mail or metal plates, their weight was astounding. Only swordsmen and riders were able to hold up the weight of those armour during battle. Sorcerers usually wore long robes, while archers had on a light, leather armour.

So the scaled armour in the arms of those Heavenly Courts residents was an exotic sight. He specially sought out one of the people for a closer look at that armour. He discovered that the armour was light, only as heavy as a leather one, but its defense was comparable to that of chain mail and metal plate armours. Looking at the densely packed scales, he couldn’t tell at all what material it was made of.

This thing was much more convenient than the usual armour. Even sorcerers could wear that. It must be pointed out that sorcerers had the highest killing rate on the battlefield, but as they were physically weaker than the other professions, they were as helpless as sacrificial lambs the moment their enemies came close. These scaled armour was enough to offer sorcerers a certain level of protection. It provided sorcerers a first line of defense against enemies who came within range.

The more the leader studied the armour, the more amazed he felt. The number of magical items that could be found in the Heavenly Courts appeared to be endless. The more items he saw, the more he discovered that…

This Heavenly Courts differed completely from the Fu Guang City of the past. Their combat prowess had also far surpassed that of the city lord’s estimations.

The Heavenly Courts residents were quickly mobilized. Daylight had just broken through on the second day when everyone was already fully armed and ready. Thousands were garbed in silver, scaled armour, all looking especially inspiring under the sun’s first rays. Despite the massive congregation, all was silent. They stood neatly behind the city gates, waiting for Ji Fengyan’s arrival.

The leader had also gotten up early in the morning and was sitting upon his stallion beside the troops of Heavenly Courts. Looking at the vigorous-looking troops, he couldn’t help feeling rather dazed.