The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 907 - An Intense Battle (1)

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Chapter 907: An Intense Battle (1)

On the other side, Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou were engaged in an increasingly intense battle. The fires of war spread across the Free Valley after the many consecutive days of fighting.

Yan Luo Dian had made war preparations against Zhai Xing Lou since a long time ago. The rhinoceros beast incident was just the spark which ignited the battle. Even without that rhinoceros beast, it would only be a matter of time before Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou engaged in war.

Yan Luo Dian’s attack had disrupted Zhai Xing Lou’s other plans. For the moment, Zhai Xing Lou did not seek to create trouble for Heavenly Courts.

After Ji Fengyan and company arrived back at Heavenly Courts, she passed on all their items to Linghe. There were several talented craftsmen in Heavenly Courts, including quite a number who specialized in weaponry. The ores brought back by Ji Fengyan would be just the right materials for use.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the number of ores brought back in this single trip by Ji Fengyan was even more the quantity she had accumulated during her month-long stay at Ji City.

Ji City may have abundant resources, but its environment was incomparable to that of the Forest of Freedom. The quality of the ores produced in that city was also far below that of those produced in the forest.

Ji Fengyan kept the remaining medicinal herbs for herself, as she prepared to cultivate elixirs. However, Ji Fengyan had wised up and she didn’t carry out this task alone. Instead, she called for Xu Lao and the Poison King, and taught those two how to cultivate elixirs.

The Poison King and Xu Lao were already quite knowledgeable about medicines and were naturally talented in this area. As a result, Ji Fengyan only had to briefly explain the procedure once to them, and they could instantly understand. Although still lacking a bit in practice, they could already start trying to cultivate elixirs.

To them, Ji Fengyan’s elixirs were full of wonder. Since she was so generous in sharing her expertise, they would naturally have no inclination to slack off.

Ji Fengyan couldn’t help feeling amused as she watched those two elderly men behave like children—excitedly scurrying about the cultivation lab.

Meanwhile, Meng Fusheng sought Ji Fengyan out to update her on the latest war happenings between Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou.

“Yan Luo Dian has really gone all out this time. They have already destroyed several military outposts owned by Zhai Xing Lou in just a few days’ time. I expect that Gong Qiang is already fuming at that fellow.” Meng Fusheng smiled cunningly. Compared to Yan Luo Dian, he hated Zhai Xing Lou much more.

Apart from Fu Guang City, Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou controlled quite a number of other areas within the Free Valley. These territories were turned into their military outposts.

Yan Luo Dian had already studied the situation of Zhai Xing Lou’s outposts and took advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness to attack under the cover of night. Yan Luo Dian managed to destroy quite a number of those outposts with minimal damage to their own troops.

In terms of military strategies, Chi Tong’s abilities far surpassed that of the gold cultivator Gong Qiang. After all, Chi Tong was once a General leading armies to destroy entire nations. His military campaigns had Zhai Xing Lou beaten to a corner.

“Zhai Xing Lou is not that easy to defeat. The real battle has just begun.” Ji Fengyan wasn’t as optimistic as Meng Fusheng. If overcoming Zhai Xing Lou was such an easy matter, Chi Tong would not have needed the cooperation of Heavenly Courts.

Zhai Xing Lou definitely had something else up its sleeves!

And the reality of it was just as Ji Fengyan expected. On the 10th day of battle, Zhai Xing Lou finally made its move. As Yan Luo Dian was blocking a cargo transport heading for Zhai Xing Lou, they were suddenly ambushed by Zhai Xing Lou. More than a thousand Yan Luo Dian men died in that attack.