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Chapter 906: Jade (3)

These pieces of jade were formed from the coagulation of spiritual energy in the Moonlight Lake. To the creatures in the Forest of Freedom, these things were not important. After some time, more would coagulate at the bottom of the Moonlight Lake. The Moonlight Lake was the Blue Lady Fish’s only habitat. The existence of these pieces of jade interfered with their breeding of the next generation. So when the jade accumulated to a certain point, the Blue Lady Fish would surface and throw these useless pieces of “broken rock” onto the shore. Some birds that liked precious stones frequently came to the lakeside and brought the jade away to build their nests.

When Ji Fengyan learnt of this, her heart ached. These pieces of jade were absolutely of the highest quality. What a pity that the animals here did not understand the value of the jade, but took them for pretty stones used to decorate their nests.

The jade that the Blue Lady Fish had brought up was sufficient for Ji Fengyan to make a brand new Taiji jade. Ji Fengyan had a discussion with the Rhinoceros Beast. In the future, she would take all the jade that the Moonlight Lake produced, and in return, she was willing to grow some rare medicinal herbs for the animals here.

Vital energy catalyzed the growth of the medicinal herbs planted by Ji Fengyan. If the animals ate them, they would receive immense benefits in the long-term.

These jade stones were extremely common in the Forest of Freedom, so the Rhinoceros Beast agreed readily. Ji Fengyan carefully placed the jade in her Space Soul Jade. Then she took some seeds out of the Space Soul Jade.

These seeds had been left to Ji Fengyan by her Master in her previous life. Most of them could be used to grow special plants, but they only grew under very specific conditions. They needed a place rich in spiritual energy before they would grow. The Forest of Freedom fulfilled this condition.

Ji Fengyan led the group of men from the Blood Tribe to plant these seeds by the side of the Moonlight Lake.

No one knew why they were suddenly planting seeds.

This was the first time that Ji Fengyan had tried conducting a trade with the animals in the Forest of Freedom. The results had been satisfactory. If nothing unexpected happened, trades like this would continue to grow. The animals of the Forest of Freedom had a much greater understanding of this patch of forest than humans. They knew what treasures they could find in every inch of soil. As long as Ji Fengyan could provide them with what they needed, they were happy to help Ji Fengyan look for what she wanted.

In this way, Ji Fengyan saved much effort. The Rhinoceros Beast could ask the animals in the forest to help her gather ores and medicinal herbs. In this way, not only could they prevent humans from entering the Forest of Freedom and spoiling the environment, they could also maintain long-term cooperation.

Ji Fengyan also brought out some elixirs that she usually fed to Bai Ze and Xiao Tianquan. The Rhinoceros Beast sniffed these elixirs and knew that these things could greatly benefit the animals. It was immediately even more interested in cooperating with Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan used seven bottles of beast elixirs to trade the Rhinoceros Beast for a batch of rare ores and medicinal herbs. The baskets carried on the backs of the twenty over men she led were all stuffed to the brim. This was extremely efficient.

“I am working on what I promised you earlier. I believe we will see results soon.” Ji Fengyan looked at the Rhinoceros Beast. She was referring to the matter of preventing men from Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou from entering the Forest of Freedom.

[All the living things in the Forest of Freedom are grateful to you.] The Rhinoceros Beast said.

Ji Fengyan saw that the baskets carried by her men were full, and there was no need to linger further. They went back the way they came. Yan Luo Dian and Zhai Xing Lou were in the middle of a battle and she needed to hurry back as soon as possible to prevent accidents from happening.

After bidding farewell to the Rhinoceros Beast, Ji Fengyan led the group of men and left the Forest of Freedom.