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Chapter 905: Jade (2)

The Rhinoceros Beast did not make matters too clear. Ji Fengyan needed to personally experience some things to get the answer.

Ji Fengyan looked thoughtfully at Xiao Tuanzi, who was kicking up a fuss in her arms. It suddenly occurred to her that the demon god in her body had created no trouble for a long time. She wondered if it had anything to do with Xiao Tuanzi’s appearance. If she had not thought about it, Ji Fengyan would almost have forgotten her body still contained a trace of aura from the demon god.

[Dear friend, has any problem brought you here today?] The Rhinoceros Beast looked at Ji Fengyan and said.

Only then did Ji Fengyan recall the most important reason for her trip here.

“I need some good quality jade. I wonder… if there is any in the Forest of Freedom.” Ji Fengyan said.

In the Forest of Freedom, the medicinal herbs, trees and ores… all could be taken away. To the Rhinoceros Beast, these things were gifts from heaven to this world. As long as they did not harm the animals in the Forest of Freedom, or have designs on the Moonlight Lake, it would not interfere with them.

[Jade?] The Rhinoceros Beast cocked its head slightly and thought for a while. It asked Ji Fengyan to wait for a moment, then walked to the side of the Moonlight Lake and bent its head. It stood still and faced the surface of the lake.

After a moment, small bubbles floated to the surface of the lake. When the bubbles burst, several deep blue figures appeared in the center of the lake.

These were fish covered with beautiful scales. Each was only as long as an arm and their fins were a pale translucent blue. As the sun shone on them, they appeared especially beautiful.

The moment these blue fish appeared, the members of the Blood Tribe who had been standing in a daze by the side, suddenly went crazy.

“Blue Lady Fish! There are actually Blue Lady Fish here!!”

The Blue Lady Fish was an ancient creature. According to legend, its flesh was the world’s greatest delicacy. Its scales were media of magic that were the greatest desire of sorcerers. If a novice sorcerer swallowed a mature Blue Lady Fish, he would instantly become a high-level sorcerer!

One might say that the Blue Lady Fish’s existence was in itself a powerful act of magic. In the ancient past, it had been hunted and slaughtered mercilessly for its special characteristics. Eventually, it completely vanished from human sight. Like the Rhinoceros Beast, it had become a creature that only existed in legends.

The first time the men of the Blood Tribe had entered the Forest of Freedom, they had seen first the Rhinoceros Beast and then the Blue Lady Fish. This time they were really shocked.

Could it be that they had traveled through time to ancient times!

The Rhinoceros Beast seemed to say something to the Blue Lady Fish. Very quickly, the Blue Lady Fish that had poked their heads out of the water dived back in.

After a short while, they emerged from the water again. Their mouths held pieces of white jade glistening with water. They spat the white jade of various sizes onto the shore. The Rhinoceros Beast nodded gratefully at them, and the Blue Lady Fish dived back in.

[Is this what you need?] The Rhinoceros Beast turned to look at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan walked over and picked up the seven or eight pieces of jade of different sizes that lay scattered on the ground. These pieces of jade were not large. The largest was only the size of two thumbs. But when she held the jade in her hands, Ji Fengyan could feel a strong spiritual energy rushing wildly into her body.

Ji Fengyan’s eyes brightened!

Truly she had picked up a treasure!

The quality of these seven or eight pieces of jade was as good as the original stone that her Taiji jade was from!