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Chapter 904: Jade (1)

[Bai Ze? I’ve never heard of that race before. However, I am thrilled to meet a creature like you.] The Rhinoceros Beast seemed very interested in Bai Ze. Perhaps it had been too long since it had encountered a creature so full of spiritual energy. To it, the amount of spiritual energy one had depended on the purity of the soul. However, Bai Ze which had been raised by Ji Fengyan on spirit pills and special medicines, and was like a walking spiritual body. Naturally, the Rhinoceros Beast took it to be a creature similar to itself.

Of the other two guardians of the Forest of Freedom, one had died and the other had become degenerate. It had been a long time since the Rhinoceros Beast had encountered a creature with such a pure aura.

The Rhinoceros Beast involuntarily said: [Are you willing to live in this forest?]

Bai Ze still did not respond, but only looked at Ji Fengyan, as if asking Ji Fengyan…

Where did you find such a stupid creature?

Ji Fengyan did not know whether to laugh or to cry. The Rhinoceros Beast spoke, intending to invite Bai Ze to fill the vacancy of guardian of the Forest of Freedom.

She would never have thought that a legendary beast like the Rhinoceros Beast would take a fancy to the little white deer she had taken so much effort to raise.

She must have done a good job raising it.

“I’m sorry, I wouldn’t want little Bai Ze to leave me.” Ji Fengyan could only tactfully turn down the Rhinoceros Beast.

The Rhinoceros Beast’s eyes filled with regrets. It still looked hopefully at Bai Ze, but Bai Ze trotted over to Ji Fengyan’s side to show its fervent support of Ji Fengyan.

The Rhinoceros Beast had no choice but to give up.

Although Ji Fengyan had only spoken to the Rhinoceros Beast for a short while about Bai Ze, the others could not hear the Rhinoceros Beast’s voice. Only Ji Fengyan’s voice reached their ears. As a result…

They watched as Ji Fengyan talked to herself while facing the Rhinoceros Beast, but the Rhinoceros Beast had a look that said “I understand and we are communicating”.

This thoroughly confused the men of the Blood Tribe.

What was their Queen’s background that she could talk to the legendary Rhinoceros Beast?

Subconsciously, their worshipful attitude towards Ji Fengyan became even more fervent.

Although the Rhinoceros Beast was somewhat regretful, it would force no one to do something against their will. It could only give up. Then it turned its gaze to Xiao Tuanzi, who was in Ji Fengyan’s arms. The moment it saw Xiao Tuanzi, it had identified it with one glance.

When she sensed the direction of the Rhinoceros Beast’s gaze, Ji Fengyan suddenly felt worried.

She did not know whether the Rhinoceros Beast would be hostile to demons.

“I’m sorry, it’s still small.” Ji Fengyan said tentatively.

The Rhinoceros Beast shook its head.

[Don’t worry. You will influence it. It will not turn out the way you are afraid it will.]

The Rhinoceros Beast’s words gave Ji Fengyan a slight start. When she had first taken Xiao Tuanzi away, it had been in a moment of weakness. She had been unwilling to see Xiao Tuanzi sacrificed to the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. Later, she could not think of an appropriate place to leave it, so she had carried it by her side.

However, one worry that lingered in her heart was that she was uncertain whether Xiao Tuanzi would grow up to be innocent and kind. If it became like the other demons, it would greatly distress Ji Fengyan.

The Rhinoceros Beast had discerned Ji Fengyan’s worry, and with one sentence dispelled Ji Fengyan’s lingering concern.

“Really?” Ji Fengyan could not help but ask further.

The Rhinoceros Beast nodded.

[Nothing under heaven is born bad. It left its environment to be raised by you. It will surprise you.]