The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 903 - Groundhogs (3)

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Chapter 903: Groundhogs (3)

Ji Fengyan pulled Xiao Tuanzi back into her embrace.

The Moonlight Lake was a sacred water source full of spiritual energy. Who knew what would happen if a demon king like Xiao Tuanzi were to jump in?

The lake water might be harmful to demon aura, or Xiao Tuanzi’s demon aura might pollute this water source…

Ji Fengyan felt that… as good-tempered as the rhinoceros beast was, it would probably pursue her to the ends of the earth if that happened.

But Xiao Tuanzi didn’t understand Ji Fengyan’s worries. It felt that the lake emitted an extremely soothing aura and it just wanted to dive in.

Just as Ji Fengyan was considering whether to put Xiao Tuanzi into her bag, a white figure appeared before her.

[Dear friend, you have come.] The rhinoceros beast slowly walked towards the side of the lake. Bathed in the sunlight, its snow-white body looked exceptionally pure.

The Blood Tribe men were all dumbstruck. They gasped as they stared at the pristine white creature with its long screw-shaped horn.

Rhinoceros Beast!

Wasn’t this the legendary rhinoceros beast that could allow humans to live forever!

The group stared dumbly at the rhinoceros beast, their eyeballs nearly popping out. They suspected that their eyes must be deceiving them. Otherwise, how could they be seeing this creature which only existed in the legends?

“Sorry to trouble you again.” Ji Fengyan faced the rhinoceros beast as she held tightly onto Xiao Tuanzi to prevent it from moving.

The gaze of the rhinoceros beast fell upon Xiao Tuanzi, who was struggling with all its might. It finally popped its head out from Ji Fengyan’s arms and was immediately faced with the gentle eyes of the rhinoceros beast.

Those eyes stunned Xiao Tuanzi “Aa!”. It stared in a daze at that beautiful rhinoceros beast, before turning its big, liquid eyes to Bai Ze. Xiao Tuanzi felt rather dizzy looking between those two divine, snow-white creatures.

“Bai Ze… Bai Ze…” Xiao Tuanzi reached out two tiny hooves towards the rhinoceros beast and Bai Ze, obviously mistaking the two for each other.

Surprised, the rhinoceros beast’s gaze followed the direction of Xiao Tuanzi’s hooves and fell upon Bai Ze.

As the rhinoceros beast looked at that proud-looking white deer, it felt rather perplexed.

It did not understand what that divine animal was.

It looked like a normal white deer, but it possessed an aura that felt extremely familiar to the rhinoceros beast.

The rhinoceros beast was the leader of all pure-hearted animals. Even the most vicious beasts would not treat it with the least bit of animosity. It emanated an aura that made all animals want to get close to it.

Bai Ze didn’t feel much of anything even as it was being scrutinized by the rhinoceros beast. It was now intelligent enough to understand Xiao Tuanzi’s meaning, but… it was well aware that the rhinoceros beast was a totally different creature from it.

[Divine friend, which tribe are you from?] The rhinoceros beast was rather curious about this creature, which was full of sacred aura. It also felt a sense of kinship to it because of that energy.

Bai Ze, “…”

A strange voice had sounded within its own heart. What now?

Bai Ze stared in silence at the rhinoceros beast.

“This is Bai Ze, my companion,” Ji Fengyan answered after noticing Bai Ze’s dilemma. Her Bai Ze had not yet progressed to the stage where it could talk…