The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 902 - Groundhogs (2)

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Chapter 902: Groundhogs (2)

Ji Fengyan could see that if Zuo Nuo had his way, they could not travel even a hundred meters before dawn. She had no choice but to curb Zuo Nuo’s harvesting fetish and led the group deeper into the Forest of Freedom.

Ji Fengyan had come to the Forest of Freedom for two reasons. One was to harvest some herbs for the impending possibility of battle. After all, the herbs here were precious and were the best materials to cultivate elixirs. Bringing back some to cultivate elixirs would provide for the needs of the war, and could also enhance the physiques of everyone in Heavenly Courts.

As of the second reason…

Ji Fengyan wanted to see if she could find suitable jade rocks here to make Taiji jades.

The one and only piece she had left was taken away by that “runaway” giant soldier god. Who knew when it would return. She needed to create new Taiji jades to activate the other giant soldier gods for the upcoming battle with Zhai Xing Lou.

In her previous time here, Ji Fengyan had been in too much of a hurry and too distracted by the Moonlight Lake. As a result, she didn’t ask the rhinoceros beast if there were jade rocks here. This time, Ji Fengyan had no intention of missing out on that.

Following her memory of this place, Ji Fengyan gradually walked in the direction of the Moonlight Lake. On the way there, they didn’t come across anything special apart from some harmless little creatures.

This time, Ji Fengyan didn’t bring along Xiao Tianquan and Ge Lang, to prevent those two predators from embarking on a massacre inside the forest. She did not wish those two to incite any animosity from the rhinoceros beast.

As the night moved towards dawn, the group did not stop for rest. Nevertheless, they were amazed to discover that they did not feel the least bit tired.

They continued all the way till the mid-afternoon, when they finally passed through the dense forest and arrived at the side of a vast lake.

From afar, they could already spot some exotic beasts drinking water from the lake.

A member of the Blood Tribe was staring at an over five-meters tall creature with frightfully bulging muscles. His legs instantly went soft.

“Thunder tiger…” With a pale face, he pointed a shaking finger at that thunder tiger who was taking in the sun’s rays by the Moonlight Lake.

The thunder tiger and the night demonic wolf were notoriously vicious beasts. The tiger’s attack power was higher than that of the night demonic wolf’s, but its speed slower. Just by looking at that thunder tiger, it was obviously twice as big as wolf king Ge Lang. If that tiger came charging them, their gang would be mincemeat.

Ji Fengyan looked calmly at the terrified man. She pushed down on his trembling finger.

“Relax, it won’t eat you.”

That person looked pained. The thunder tiger had yet to discover them—once it did, they wouldn’t be able to outrun it.

But Ji Fengyan just casually strolled towards the bank of the Moonlight Lake. That lazing thunder tiger threw a glance at Ji Fengyan, before turning over to sun its soft belly. It narrowed its eyes in bliss.

“…” The Blood Tribe men were stunned.

Why was this thunder tiger different from their expectations?

This was definitely a thunder tiger, and not just an over-sized fat cat?

As the Blood Tribe remained in a daze, Bai Ze, Yang Jian and Zuo Nuo had already caught up with Ji Fengyan.

Just as Ji Fengyan reached the side of the lake, Xiao Tuanzi suddenly behaved as if it had discovered a new territory. Its four hooves kicked out wildly as it strained its short neck towards that lake, looking as it if it wanted to jump straight in.