The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 899 - A Nightmare (3)

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Chapter 899: A Nightmare (3)

Gong Huiyu promptly turned around as a black figure charged at him. But it only moved a meter forward before an exceedingly thick and strong metal chain restrained it!

A petite female appeared before Gong Huiyu’s eyes. But the appearance of that girl was spine-chilling.

Above her slender neck was the hideous and savage head of a beast. Heinous scars crisscrossed the intersection between the beast head and the girl’s neck. Stung by the firelight, the monstrous head howled constantly, its crazed pupils fixed upon Gong Huiyu, as if… it wanted to bite him to bits.

A metal chain was yoked to her waist, with the other end fastened to the wall behind her. Apart from the head, her hands were also not of a young girl’s, but was a pair of coarse paws with long, sharp claws.

As her movements were restrained by that metal chain, she could only scrabble violently on the ground. The hard stone floor held countless scratch marks.


A twisted and distressed smile hung upon Gong Huiyu’s face as he gazed at this half-human, half-beast monster.

“Fourth sister… this is your third brother…”

The crazed half-human beast totally ignored Gong Huiyu’s words. The flames reflected in her eyes drove her into an insane frenzy. If not for her metal restraints, she would have probably pounced forth and torn Gong Huiyu to shreds.

Gong Huiyu stared unwavering at her, his gaze slowly traveling down to her neck and the necklace that was swinging wildly from her desperate struggle.

It was a thin, pure-silver necklace, upon which dangled a delicate leaf pendant. That necklace had already turned black with grime and was no longer as exquisite-looking as it once was.

But it was as if Gong Huiyu had seen the devil. He stared fixedly upon that necklace.

Involuntarily, scenes from the distant past rose to the surface of his mind.

That guileless and obedient little girl, always smiling so happily. She loved to hold on to both his and second brother’s hands, calling them brother with her soft voice… brother…


Save me…

Save me…

“Ah!!!” Gong Huiyu suddenly crumbled onto the ground in distress. He clutched at his own head as his whole body shook. The image of that half-human beast was imprinted in his mind. Gut-wrenching wails rippled up and out of his own body.

The two guards were promptly alerted by the sudden noise. They hurriedly opened the metal door only to see a wailing Gong Huiyu collapsed upon the floor. Turning pale, they rushed forward to help Gong Huiyu stand up before extinguishing the firelight inside the room.

The bestial howls instantly stopped the moment darkness descended. That petite figure once again withdrew back into its corner and stayed there, unmoving.

It was as if nothing had happened.

But the Gong Huiyu who was supported out by the two men in black was totally drenched in cold sweat. His eyes were shot through with blood as he pressed his hands tightly over his ears.

[Brother, save me…]

[Save me…]

Stop saying that!

Please! Stop saying that!!


The metal door closed shut with a heavy bang. The sound felt like a hammer striking Gong Huiyu’s heart.