The Indomitable Master of Elixirs - Chapter 897 - A Nightmare (1)

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Chapter 897: A Nightmare (1)

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A pale-faced Gong Huiyu looked rather reserved as he stood by Gong Qiang’s side. He was also standing somewhat unsteadily, quietly clenching his fists as sweat dripped down his face. On closer look, it could be seen that his legs were quivering as if he was struggling to contain his tremors.

“Hui Yu.” Gong Qiang suddenly spoke.

Gong Huiyu immediately looked up at Gong Qiang. “Father.”

“Yan Luo Dian is prepared to start an official war against us.” As Gong Qiang leaned one cheek against his hand, his face held no traces of anger, but instead kept its usual benign expression.

“Yan Luo Dian, that bunch of fools. They have always harbored ill-intentions against us. So arrogant, and ignorant of their own uselessness. I beg father to give me another chance. Let me be in charge of the battle with Yan Luo Dian. I will erase my earlier shame.” Gong Huiyu hastily volunteered.

Gong Qiang didn’t immediately agreed to his request. He just casually surveyed Gong Huiyu’s trembling legs with vaguely amused eyes.

Noticing Gong Qiang’s gaze, Gong Huiyu’s face suddenly paled.

He had returned a month ago after a devastating defeat and with both legs handicapped. Pathetically, he had crawled back to Zhai Xing Lou with his two hands. Gong Qiang’s gold cultivation had repaired his shattered kneecaps. The rate of recovery was astonishing, but… its side effects were nearly unbearable. Every night, he felt like millions of ants were gnawing on his kneecaps. The pain and itch he endured was barely tolerable. To remain standing for even a slightly longer period of time was like torture for him.

“Father… I…” Gong Huiyu wanted to say something.

But Gong Qiang suddenly raised his hand to interrupt him.

“Hui Yu, your injury has yet to completely heal. You need more rest so I don’t need you to take part in this. Let your siblings handle it.” Gong Qiang grinned.

But Gong Huiyu’s face turned grim. He wanted to continue arguing his case, but…

Gong Qiang shot Gong Huiyu a look from the corner of his eyes. There was no longer any trace of pleasantness in those narrowed eyes. Instead, a sinister and chilly glint flashed across his pupils.

With that one look, Gong Huiyu felt as if his neck was being squeezed. His words got stuck in his throat and he hastily lowered his head. Wiping off the dejected look on his face, he replied stiffly, “Thank you father for your concern. I will try my best to recuperate as soon as possible. I will not waste father’s efforts.”

Gong Qiang’s mouth once again curled up with his familiar smile. He stroked Gong Huiyu’s face tenderly and said pleasantly, “It’s good that you understand your father’s good intentions. You had such a major accident the previous time you went to Fu Guang City. My heart ached so badly to see you crawling back. How could I bear to let you take another risk?”

“Yes… I understand father’s kind intentions… I was too impulsive…” Gong Huiyu couldn’t help trembling as he spoke. His lowered eyes were filled with terror.

“Good boy.” Gong Qiang gently patted Gong Huiyu’s cheek. “Of all your siblings, I love you the most. I will not let you risk your life again.”

“Yes…” Gong Huiyu’s voice continued to shake.

Gong Qiang retrieved his hand. “Your fourth sister hasn’t been well these few days. As her elder brother, you should go keep her company if you are not busy. Don’t let her get too lonely.”

Gong Huiyu’s gave a violent start the moment he heard the words “fourth sister”. He dared not raise his head but replied, “I will do so. I will go keep fourth sister company right now.”