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Chapter 895: Chi Tong The Prodigy (2)

There were many prodigies in this world, but none of them could match up to Chi Tong. Whether it was sorcery, physical cultivation or military planning—he performed far above his peers. When he was 15 years old, he had accepted a Terminator challenge where he alone fought against three Terminators—he remained undefeated.

It could be said that Chi Tong’s glorious reputation in the Kingdom of Sa Er during his time far exceeded that of Ji Fengyan’s achievements in the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon.

This type of prodigy was well known throughout the world.

Ji Fengyan’s curiosity intensified as she listened to Linghe’s narration. How did such a nation’s elite end up in the Free Valley? His situation differed from hers, where she was being targeted by the Kingdom of the Sacred Dragon. The people of Sa Er were no fools and should know very well the importance of retaining such a prodigy in their kingdom.

Noticing Ji Fengyan’s questioning face, Linghe continued. “In reality, the death of Chi Tong has always been a puzzle.”

Ji Fengyan raised her eyebrows slightly.

Linghe went on. “Chi Tong had led an army to take over a neighboring nation. After he conquered that country, they were suddenly attacked and the entire territory fell into chaos. The hundreds of thousands of soldiers led by Chi Tong all perished while Chi Tong himself completely vanished during that battle. Everyone thought he had already died. No one imagined that he had actually come to the Free Valley.”

Meng Fusheng shrugged. “Chi Tong came to the Free Valley a few years after me. We all got a right fright when he first arrived. But you know that news within the Free Valley does not travel out. As a result, no one on the outside knows that he is still alive.”

Yan Luo Dian did not exist when Chi Tong first came to the Free Valley. The third power during that time was another major force. On the third day of Chi Tong’s arrival, he had broken the neck of the ruler of that third power, completely taking over everything. From there, he built the present Yan Luo Dian.

“Speaking of which…” Meng Fusheng rubbed his chin as he appeared to be recalling something.

“It has been seven to eight years since Chi Tong arrived at the Free Valley. Apart from the day when he first came and I saw him, he has never left Yan Luo Dian all these years. I have never met him for a second time in these seven to eight years. But this fellow’s actions are not the least bit low profile. His devil-masked soldiers are all vicious brutes, comparable to those of Zhai Xing Lou. But… it’s a pity. Such a prodigy, ending up in the Free Valley. At that time, we had all found it rather strange why he didn’t return to the Kingdom of Sa Er.”

When news of Chi Tong’s death in battle was made known, the Emperor of Sa Er had personally held a grand funeral for him. Chi Tong’s whole family clan had grieved for a long time while the passing of their young hero had devastated the citizens of that kingdom.

“Chi Tong was only 18 at the time of that battle?” Meng Fusheng looked at Linghe, who nodded. That year, Linghe had just enlisted in the army and was full of the vigor and passion of youth. He had very much idolized Chi Tong, who was not much older than him but already achieved so much. It was then he started collecting information regarding Chi Tong.

“Tsk tsk. I bet no one on the outside would ever imagine that Chi Tong had actually become the Yan Luo Dian’s city lord and one of the three major powers in the Free Valley.” Meng Fusheng mused.