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Chapter 893: One-Day Tour of Heavenly Courts (3)

What items did the Heavenly Courts have?

They were all things that did not exist in this world. Ji Fengyan didn’t do anything else this month but focused on changing the mindsets of the people in her city. She imbued the idea of an immortal paradise in the minds of everyone, creating a pure and untainted piece of eastern utopia.

To a bunch of country bumpkins from Yan Luo Dian, the things here were full of novelty. Everything was striving hard to extract every penny from them.

The leader was completely distressed. On the second day, he immediately passed down strict orders forbidding his men from wandering outside of the hotel. He wanted to prevent them being wrung dry by this scam city.

But then…

Some things were unavoidable.

Meng Fusheng conscientiously followed Ji Fengyan’s orders to have his men head over to invite the Yan Luo Dian gang for a jaunt in the city.

And this invitation was something that the leader couldn’t refuse. To prevent his men from acting recklessly again, he agreed to the outing.

In the end…

Everything completely astounded the leader in the city during his tour.

By the time returned to the hotel, he had on him… not a single coin left.

Looking at the pile of stuff he bought, the leader laid half-dead upon his bed…

This swindling city!

Luckily, before the Yan Luo Dian men were “totally annihilated”, Ji Fengyan finally met up with them again. This time, Ji Fengyan briskly agreed to the cooperation. With that answer, the leader nearly knelt before her in relief.

He truly feared that his men might never leave if they continued to stay on.

In just a short few days, the 20+ men from Yan Luo Dian had experienced a brand new way of life. They might be imagining things, but they felt their bodies suddenly becoming much more relaxed after staying in the city these few days. In addition, the pain from old injuries seemed to have lessened.

Even the well water here tasted sweeter than the outside…

And not just the devil-masked men—the leader himself also felt a kind of longing for this Heavenly Courts. He might become a traitor if he stayed any longer.

The Yan Luo Dian team departed from Heavenly Courts as if fleeing from enemies.

Meng Fusheng then reported their every movement during their time here to Ji Fengyan. She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry after hearing his report. No wonder that bunch of Yan Luo Dian men had left so hurriedly. Their pockets had already been squeezed dry.

“But this reminds me. Before getting rid of Zhai Xing Lou, I might regularly invite the people of Yan Luo Dian over for discussions,” Ji Fengyan said with a straight face.

But Meng Fusheng couldn’t help a certain notion arising in his mind.

Ji Fengyan was intending to bankrupt the entire Yan Luo Dian!

Meng Fusheng suddenly felt rather sympathetic towards the bunch of Yan Luo Dian men. They had spent every single coin in Heavenly Courts. But apart from the elixir and whisk… everything else they bought seemed to be rather useless.

In addition, all the high-level elixirs in Heavenly Courts were reserved solely for the residents. Outsiders could only buy the most basic elixirs… and at exorbitant prices. And for the whisk, although it is better than a magic staff, one must hold some spiritual energy to enjoy the full benefits. For those Yan Luo Dian sorcerers who had never cultivated their spiritual energy before, their abilities would have been only slightly enhanced by the whisk.