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Chapter 872: You Dare To Touch My People? (2)

Gong Huiyu instinctively lifted his head to see a petite figure upon that flash of light in the sky.

A delicate young girl was flying on a sword as she surveyed the entire scene.

Within seconds, Gong Huiyu had guessed her identity. He immediately stood up and gazed up at that young girl.

“You have finally returned.” A smile bloomed across Gong Huiyu’s lips.

Ji Fengyan had just rushed over from the Forest of Freedom. She never expected to be greeted with such a scene at her return.

Both the outside and inside of Fu Guang City were in complete disarray. Linghe and the gang were caught in a fierce battle with a bunch of muscular monsters atop the chaotic wall. She could see bloodstains all over the inside of the city as the residents were all engaged in a fighting frenzy. The night breeze brought the stinging smell of blood to her nostrils.

Gong Huiyu’s voice drifted into her ears. She instinctively turned around and was stunned by the source of that voice.

Gong Zhiyu?

“You must be the ruler of Fu Guang City? I have waited so long for you.” Gong Huiyu was smiling as he gazed at the floating Ji Fengyan, even as his eyes revealed a sliver of madness.

Interesting, this was really too interesting!

This young lady differed totally from what he expected.

Gong Huiyu had never seen someone able to fly on a sword.

“Who are you?” Ji Fengyan frowned. She had quickly discerned that this person was definitely not Gong Zhiyu.

Gong Huiyu was stunned, but then laughed. “Why, have you already forgotten about me? I have just visited Fu Guang City a few days ago. I am Gong Zhiyu, the second young master of Zhai Xing Lou.”

“You are not Gong Zhiyu,” Ji Fengyan replied coldly.

Gong Huiyu had not expected Ji Fengyan to see through him with just one glance. He couldn’t help chuckling. His interest in Ji Fengyan grew. With a low laugh, he said, “Then let me reintroduce myself again. I am Gong Huiyu, the third young master of Zhai Xing Lou. I have been ordered to annihilate the leading powers of Fu Guang City.”

Annihilate Fu Guang City?

Ji Fengyan cast a cold glance at Gong Huiyu, before looking towards the blazing Fu Guang City. The warmth in her eyes faded.

“You wish to annihilate my city by your power alone?” Ji Fengyan smirked. The evil-vanquishing sword suddenly appeared in her hand as she raised it. With that sword, she drew an arc of light in the air, which remained imprinted across the sky. Glowing golden, it looked like a string of bizarre symbols. As Ji Fengyan flicked the tip of her sword, those symbols dissipated!

In that instant, storm clouds covered the sky over Fu Guang City. Rolls of thunder could be heard by all!

Gong Huiyu widened his eyes at the strange scene before him. His heart rate sped up as he stared unwavering at the lightning-infused storm clouds.

“Fu Guang City is mine. No one can mess around with it as long as I am around. Zhai Xing Lou is not good enough to touch my men!” Ji Fengyan’s chilly voice reverberated across the sky. As she spoke, deep-blue bolts of lightning descended from the clouds with a thunderous crash!