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Chapter 869: Trespassers Will Be Killed (2)

Surrounded by hundreds of power soldiers, Yang Jian’s face remained an oasis of calm.

Engaged in a fierce battle with the power soldiers high on the wall, it made Linghe aware of Yang Jian’s actions. He forced back a charging power soldier with his sword and instantly turned to shout at Yang Jian. “Be careful of their blood!”

Having heard Linghe’s warning, Yang Jian gazed beyond the body of that slain power soldier towards the large pool of dirty-green blood splattered across the area it had fallen. It had burnt a huge crater through the hard rock ground.

Yang Jian didn’t have much reaction, but immediately enveloped his own body with faint layers of protective light.

After the battle at Ji city, Ji Fengyan had upgraded Yang Jian. Thereafter, Ji Fengyan had also generously given him all the goodies she had gotten, including the half-used precious jewel that the ancient dragon had gifted her.

That jewel was now embedded inside Yang Jian’s body. Although much of its energy had already been drained by Ji Fengyan, she had only absorbed the spiritual energy of that precious stone. The original dragon aura within that jewel remained.

Ji Fengyan’s own blood activated Yang Jian, and so he already possessed her vital energy. Linghe and company had already noticed that when battling the power soldiers, the vital energy of an immortal cultivator was very damaging to those monsters. Combined with the dragon aura of the jewel, the results would be even more devastating.

Leading Xiao Tianquan and Ge Lang, Yang Jian immediately charged towards those power soldiers. In the blink of an eye, the situation turned into a fighting frenzy.

Those power soldiers were exceptionally strong. One punch would smash even the bones of the wolf king, Ge Lang. But as strong as they were, their speed was far from that of the legendary nimbleness of the night demonic wolves. Speed naturally became the key to defeating those clumsy power soldiers. Detecting the strong corrosiveness of the power soldiers’ blood, Xiao Tianquan and Ge Lang were smart enough not to attack with their fangs. To avoid burning their own mouths, they leveraged upon their lightning speed and long claws as their main assault.

The two night demonic wolves worked together, turning into streaks of shadows snaking in between the power soldiers. Their rapid speeds made them virtually uncatchable, while their sharp claws tore into the flesh of the soldiers bit by bit.

Meanwhile, Yang Jian had morphed into a real, mean killing machine. Engulfed in vital energy and dragon aura, he forged on against his enemies with trident in hand. As he slashed down upon the power soldiers, their progress was forcibly halted, unable to take a step forward.

As the hiding Fu Guang City residents watched Yang Jian ward off this wave of disaster, they suddenly recalled this was the very person who had fended off the attacks of the entire Blood Tribe during Ji Fengyan’s battle with them.

At that instant, hope rose in their hearts.

The Poison King wanted to block off the city gates, but the power soldiers had used their bare hands to dig a huge hole in the door. They surged through the broken door in a flurry of blood and flesh.

The Poison King did not hold strong fighting capabilities. His talent laid in using poisons. But no poison in the world was effective against the gold cultivated power soldiers. Completely helpless, the Poison King had no choice but to gather his men and retreat to the safety of the city center to recuperate.