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Chapter 868: Trespassers Will Be Killed (1)

The fearsomeness of Zhai Xing Lou did not lie solely upon the gold cultivation skills of Gong Qiang, but the message he conveyed across the entire Zhai Xing Lou. The perverse idea that anyone’s life could be made into a plaything.

For Gong Huiyu, the massacre of Fu Guang City was an enjoyment. He got a kick out of the adrenaline rush one felt in the face of imminent death.

The power soldiers’ attack was too overwhelming. This impenetrable defense was every opponent’s nightmare. What made things worse was the strong acidity of the power soldiers’ blood.

The blood of the power soldiers could dissolve even the hardest rocks. Linghe and the gang could finally break through the power soldiers’ defense after infusing their weapons with vital energy—but as that dirty-green blood sprayed all over the walls, sizzling smoke suffused the area. The corroded wall started crumbling. As they watched the fortified wall being slowly eroded, their hearts instantly sank into a deep despair.

The Blood Tribe had suffered heavy casualties. Meng Fusheng’s eyes were red with murderous rage, wishing desperately that he could annihilate every one of those power soldiers. As an increasing number of them climbed over the walls, they jumped off the top into Fu Guang City to begin the real slaughter.

The people inside the city could feel the coming of death. They saw with their own eyes as some of the more cowardly folks had gone forth to surrender, only to be destroyed mercilessly by those power soldiers. At that point, they finally realized…

Desertion was not an option.

Gong Huiyu wanted to eliminate every single one of them.

The formerly selfish and cowardly people were all forced to a corner. If they could see the slightest chance of survival, they would have chosen desertion. But now, the heavens had taken away even that choice.

Looking at the power soldiers jumping into their city with savage howls and strong limbs—they looked like wild beasts killing everything before them. Despair shrouded over the hearts of everyone.


A tall figure stepped out from the fray. With one glaring arc of light, a rampaging power soldier abruptly fell to the ground. It had been beheaded, its big head rolling off to the side while leaving behind a trail of vile-smelling blood.

The crowd raised their petrified heads and looked towards the figure which had suddenly appeared.

With a trident in hand, Yang Jian stood upon the chaotic street. His hard and handsome face betrayed no expression, but instead held a bizarre calm.

Meanwhile, Xiao Tianquan was also ready for action, emitting a raging howl at those power soldiers. Baring its sharp fangs, it stood on one side of Yang Jian, while the equally large Ge Lang was on the other side. The two night demonic wolves effectively blocked the advance of the power soldiers.

“Trespassers to Fu Guang City… will be killed.” Yang Jian spoke slowly and monotonously.

Before Ji Fengyan left, she had passed the responsibility of protecting Fu Guang City to Yang Jian. He may not know what kind of monsters he was currently facing, but…

He would fulfill his obligation to Ji Fengyan, even in death.

“Roar!!” The attention of the power soldiers were all drawn towards Yang Jian and those two night demonic wolves. They had already lost all sense of higher consciousness, but their instincts conveyed the aura of danger emitted by Yang Jian.