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Chapter 867: Massacring A City (3)

Linghe, Zuo Nuo and the others were considered as having the greatest battle strength. The spiritual energy they had cultivated in their bodies for some time had some effect on the Power Soldiers. They discovered that if they concentrated that force on their weapons, they could break through the Power Soldiers’ defenses. However, they had to be careful not to let the Power Soldiers’ blood touch them.

This was definitely a difficult battle. Right now, Linghe would rather battle ten thousand demons than fight this group of monsters.

The aura of death slowly spread throughout Fu Guang City. The Poison King and the others who were holding the city gate were in not much better condition. A few hundred of them blocked the city gate, however the Power Soldiers were just too strong. Although they were unable to force the city gate open, the Power Soldiers had started to use their hands to slowly dig apart the huge city gates bit by bit!

Once the city gate was breached, it would be over.

At that moment, everyone in Fu Guang City was terrified. They did not dare to oppose Zhai Xing Lou. Under this crushing fear, the more timid ones lost their heads. As they saw more and more Power Soldiers appear on the surrounding city walls, and the city gates being slowly dug apart, their minds seemed to explode.

“I surrender! I surrender! This has nothing to do with me!” A panicked man climbed the city wall in a frenzy. He stood on the city wall and frantically waved at Gong Huiyu, who was seated not too far away. Plaintive whines emerged from his mouth.

“Let me go! I have nothing to do with the Blood Tribe or anything here. I… I will be your slave. Please, let me go!”

No one would have expected someone to suddenly rush out and beg for mercy now.

Linghe and the others, who were still embroiled in battle, looked on with disbelief.

When Zhai Xing Lou had attacked, besides the Blood Tribe and a few people, no one else in the entire city had been willing to help.

Linghe understood these peoples’ natures and did not expect much help from them. But… he did not expect that someone would surrender while they were fighting hard to repel Zhai Xing Lou!

Perhaps that person’s pleading had some effect. The Power Soldiers did not attack him. That person trembled as he knelt on the city wall with arms held high. His face was completely pale.

As Gong Huiyu looked at the person kneeling and begging for mercy, his lips curved into a smile.

“You are willing to be my slave?”

“Yes, I will do anything!” The man wept copiously.

Gong Huiyu laughed. He raised his chin slightly and said, “A pity that I don’t need slaves. I only need you to die.”

The man was startled. But before he could respond to the cruelty in Gong Huiyu’s words, the Power Soldiers that had been going around him suddenly appeared before him. A huge hand suddenly smacked down on his head!

There was a resounding smack.

The man’s head was crushed like a watermelon!

As he looked at the picture of flesh that was so mangled it looked like mud, Gong Huiyu smiled contentedly.

“This is just too beautiful. No matter how many times I see this scene, it is just as beautiful.”

Gong Huiyu’s cruelty made everyone’s hair stand on end. It also completely stunned those who had not taken part in the battle in hopes of a lucky escape.


Gong Huiyu did not intend to leave a single person in this city alive!

No matter whether they participated in the battle or not.