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Chapter 866: Massacring A City (2)

The Power Soldiers had already climbed up the city walls. The roaring flames could not halt their motions. They were like zombies, unaware of death, pain or fear. Their one thought was to obey Gong Huiyu’s orders and tear everyone before them into pieces!

Linghe had previously spent many years on the battlefield. He had encountered innumerable demons, but he had never met such fearsome monsters. These Power Soldiers were even more difficult to deal with than demons!

“Everyone, prepare for battle!” Linghe shouted in low tones. As he saw the flame-covered Power Soldiers appear on the city wall one by one, he gritted his teeth and prepared to meet the battle.

Roars like that of wild beasts erupted from the throats of the Power Soldiers. The moment they rushed up the city walls, they charged at the men standing on the city walls.

One by one, thousands of Power Soldiers climbed into the city. In a moment, the battle spread over the city walls. Some people could not react in time, and in an instant, the strong Power Soldiers smashed their heads in with a single blow. The Power Soldiers carried no weapons, but their hands were filled with a fearsome strength. They could even punch through steel with a single blow. Not to mention people!

Even worse, the weapons in the hands of the Blood Tribe members were unable to damage them at all!

“Sorcerers, attack!!” Meng Fusheng gritted his teeth and used the heavy sword in his hand to block the attack of a Power Soldier. However, the moment his tough, heavy sword encountered the fist of a Power Soldier, a piece of the blade immediately broke off. The shock of the impact caused blood to seep from his palm.

The sorcerers standing within the city looked on with fright as Power Soldiers appeared on the city walls in every direction. When they heard Meng Fusheng’s frightened roar, they snapped out of their trance. They immediately brandished the magic staffs in their hands and shot waves of magic at the Power Soldiers.

As the magic crashed down on the Power Soldiers, there was finally some effect. The skin of the Power Soldiers had been charred by the roaring flames and under the bombardment of magic, it finally split open.

However, what gushed out of their wounds was not blood, but a dark green liquid!

The moment the Power Soldiers were injured by magic, the members of the Blood Tribe that were embroiled with them were sprayed by the dark green blood. The instant they came into contact with the liquid, an agonizing burning sensation immediately spread from the point of contact.

Any area that touched the Power Soldiers’ blood immediately corroded!

Piercing and tragic screams immediately came from the city walls. The faces of the men who had been sprayed by the green blood immediately corroded completely. Their skin and flesh instantly transformed into a pile of blood and meat that slid off their faces, revealing white bone.

When the Power Soldiers’ blood dripped onto the hard walls, it immediately burnt holes through the stone walls.

“Damn it! These fellows have poison in their blood!” As Meng Fusheng watched, his subordinates were burnt beyond recognition by the highly acidic blood. His eyes immediately became bloodshot.

Magic could cause a certain amount of damage to the Power Soldiers, but their effect did not prove to be fatal. Even worse… the blood that sprayed out of the Power Soldiers’ wounds cost the Blood Tribe soldiers their lives.

Now, the sorcerers within the city did not dare to attack freely. Otherwise, their companions would be completely corroded by the blood before the Power Soldiers were killed.

This group of monsters before them were completely beyond their imaginations. Moans and wails rang out and the entire Fu Guang City was covered with the scent of blood.