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Chapter 863: Power Soldiers (2)

Although Zuo Nuo was not an archer, he was a swordsman and strong. A direct arrow strike by him from this near distance would have gone straight through a normal person.

“It’s no use. Normal military weapons are useless against these monsters.” Meng Fusheng gave a bitter laugh.

“What are they intending to do? They have surrounded us for half a day, but made no real move to attack.” Linghe frowned slightly. With the high battle capabilities of these power soldiers, they could easily bash through the city gates. But it had been half a day and they were just passively surrounding Fu Guang City with no sign of breaking in.

It was more like they were…

Piling a constant pressure upon them.

Meng Fusheng shook his head as he lifted his gaze towards the thousands of power soldiers, towards a slender figure.

A handsome man was sitting on a rocking chair in the darkness. With the cool night breeze blowing, he was leisurely enjoying the sight of Fu Guang City being barricaded.

Standing beside him was a man in black, who was observing the scene before them. He looked in confusion at the man sitting in the rocking chair.

“Third young master, why are you not attacking yet?”

The man sitting in that rocking chair was Zhai Xing Lou’s third young master, Gong Huiyu.

Gong Huiyu lifted his gaze and cast a lazy eye at the doubtful face of that man in black. He smirked but didn’t offer a reply. He just raised a hand holding onto a leather whip.

With a crack, the whip lashed across the face of that man in black, instantly leaving a scar across his features.

“Do I need you to teach me on what to do?”

Not daring to show the slightest bit of disrespect, the man who was whipped immediately got down on one knee and said with fearful reverence, “I have overstepped my boundaries, would third young master Gong kindly forgive me.”

Gong Huiyu looked askance at the kneeling man before giving a slight shake to the whip in his hand. The long whip curled back into his palm. He then propped his chin up with one hand and gazed calmly at Fu Guang City, which looked like it was in the final throes of death.

“Fu Guang City keeps opposing Zhai Xing Lou. We would be letting them off too easy if we just killed them all in one swift motion. The greatest pleasure in hunting is not the moment of the kill, but the pursuit of your prey.” Gong Huiyu’s smile deepened. With half-closed eyes, he surveyed the people standing upon the walls of Fu Guang City, which included Meng Fusheng. “See that, Meng Fusheng’s face is so grim that he looks like he’s about to cry.”

The shoulders of the man in back quivered as he meekly agreed, “Yes…”

Gong Huiyu chuckled. “Did second brother say earlier that control over Fu Guang City has changed hands? And to a young girl. Have you seen such a person standing on that wall?”

The man in black shook his head.

Gong Huiyu said, “As the ruler, she must bear responsibility for the survival of Fu Guang City. But she doesn’t even have the nerve to show her face today. I am afraid the rumors have been false. My second brother must have been too cautious and was fooled by Meng Fusheng. Anyway…”

Gong Huiyu gave a faint smile and stood up from his rocking chair.

“I have seen enough of their fear. It’s getting late and we should go back to rest.” With that, Gong Huiyu walked towards the gates of Fu Guang City.

Seeing Gong Huiyu’s approach, those power soldiers surrounding the city fearfully parted way for him.

Linghe and gang had also noticed the appearance of Gong Huiyu, and their very first look of him had them all stunned.